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Military Science Program

Cadet Programs

Ranger Challenge Team

The Ranger Challenge team is a group of motivated cadets that train rigorously every morning of the week in physical, mental, and tactical abilities. The team trains in preparation for the Ranger Challenge Competition. The training consists heavily of physical activity that is geared towards tactical situations. The competition is conducted in order to challenge cadets’ mental and physical toughness and strengthen their ability to lead while fostering teamwork and esprit-de-corps. It is a great way to develop one’s physical potential and capability to lead and think under duress.

Teams in the Ranger Challenge competition participate in graded events. Common events at Ranger Challenge include testing teams’ abilities in rucking, marksmanship, and movement to contact, just to name a few. Each team is awarded points based on how well they perform in each event. The number one team is the Ranger Challenge Winner for that year.

Color Guard Team

The Santa Clara Bronco Battalion’s Color Guard is an extracurricular club offered to cadets who are in the ROTC Program. Color Guard puts together teams consisting of five members: a color bearer of the United States flag, a color bearer of the California flag, two-color escorts with rifles and a Color Guard Commander. Color Guard protects the colors and honors those who serve currently as well as the veterans who helped keep the United States and its people free and protected.

The Bronco Battalion’s Color Guard has opportunities throughout the year to participate in a variety of different activities including the Military Ball and during the national anthem at sporting events. We present the colors for various events at Santa Clara, San Jose State, and Stanford Universities. We also participate in multiple events within Santa Clara County relating to veterans or military personnel.