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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Students share why they studied languages

  • Héctor Martínez ‘19, Spanish Major

    I decided to major in Spanish because I had always wanted to study Spanish in college and specifically study Spanish literature. I am passionate about literature and always enjoyed reading and analyzing it in school.

  • Michele Canny '19, Italian Major

    I knew I wanted to study abroad in Italy and so majoring in the Italian language taught me not only how to communicate with Italians but also gave me insight into Italian culture and current events.

  • Nicholas Fazio '20, French Major

    I had my sights set on a minor and only slightly considered pursuing a major. I remember Madame Boutouba speaking of French as an important language in business and my French studies journey continued, leading to participation the graduate program at HEC Paris working towards an MSc in Sustainability and Social Innovation.

  • Sofia Kahler-Quesada ‘20, Japanese Minor

    I grew up speaking Spanish as well as English with my family, so I have always been interested in multilingualism and how it develops. However, my high school Japanese class was my first experience formally studying language. I quickly fell in love- with the Japanese language itself...

  • Peyton Darrow '22, French Major

    I have always been extremely passionate about French culture and language and knew I wanted to continue my studies in college. I took a course titled FREN 108 “French for Global Marketplace” that showed me the connection I could make between both my majors of Marketing and French.

  • Jovanna Maresca '23, Spanish Major

    Having grown up with a nanny from El Salvador, Spanish to me was just another language. Throughout high school Spanish interested me and to this day I love speaking the language, but it was not until I met with Laura Callahan that I decided to really pursue Spanish studies.

  • Emma Chappell '24, Italian Minor

    I originally chose to pursue an Italian minor in order to be prepared while abroad, however, I’m now pursuing my minor because of my amazing experience with the Italian department at Santa Clara.

  • Former Program Coordinator at The Health Trust

    Studying Spanish at Santa Clara University was a huge part of my personal and career development. The curriculum focused on service-learning and social justice, sent me off campus to learn about the issues facing residents in the university?s surrounding communities, while using my Spanish in a practical setting.

  • Senior Analyst at Accenture

    My experiences studying French, as well as living and working abroad in France, have greatly influenced and supported my professional life. After teaching in Toulouse, I was hired by Accenture as a French-language resource for an ongoing project.

  • Digital Media Coordinator at Girl Rising

    Studying French at SCU was a wonderful experience that has opened up many opportunities in my life. As a junior, I studied abroad in Paris, taking classes ranging from French film and theater to politics and literature. After graduating, I was able to take a teaching job at a French high school in Cannes because of my background in French and film.

  • Customer Marketing at Zendesk

    My language major has supported my professional life significantly. Zendesk was founded by three Danes and we have offices all over the world. As a global company, many of my co-workers have an international background.

  • Lecturer in English as a Second Language

    My experience as a Spanish Studies major at Santa Clara University inspired me to pursue a career in teaching English as a Second Language. The Modern Languages professors at SCU emphasize that languages are not simply collections of words, but rather they are tools, which can be used to better understand and empathize with the speakers of those languages

  • Law School Applicant

    Being a student in the Italian department has opened so many doors for my future and has made my experience at SCU the best I could ever have hoped for. The excellent education in the language and culture is certain, but the relationships are rare and just as important.

  • I remember the excitement as we gathered to sign up for courses that long-ago September, 1966. As an English major, a foreign language was a requirement but my hesitation on the choice evaporated when I was told by the department chair, ?Our Italian students can study in Rome junior year.? That was it.

  • Account Executive at a small creative marketing agency in SF

    Majoring in French (one of two undergrad degrees I received at SCU) helped to open professional and personal doors for me both during and after college.