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Henry Rusak

Henry Rusak

Underground Sound Provides Students with Venue to Create and Record Music

Sophomore Henry Rusak is a music minor, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and head of music production for Santa Clara’s own radio station: KSCU. This year he has taken up the project of curating SCU’s own version of NPR’s “Tiny Desk Series” called Underground Sound.  Henry is working on creating a fully functional, professional-quality recording setup allowing musicians to come together and create music in the KSCU department underneath Benson.

This project will provide Santa Clara artists with a platform to create and perform together, while obtaining a professional recording of their work. According to Henry, “I have met too many talented students that lack an outlet for their creative passions. My Underground Sound series will give students access to a quality recording studio here on campus, get them out of their dorm rooms, and offer exposure through a centralized social media campaign.”

These small, intimate concerts are a great entry point for students who may lack performance experience. These mini shows will help minimize the nerves and other anxiety that comes along with traditional, larger performances.

Goals for the Future

Down the road, Henry hopes to offer hands-on experience with local audio engineers by bringing them into the KSCU studio. Henry comments, “The Bay area is filled with credited studios and professionals who are willing to network with student-run organizations like mine. I intend on communicating with these local studios to promote a network between Santa Clara students and the thriving music industry surrounding our school.”  He hopes to hold seminars in this studio and explain the intricacies of recording acoustic instruments and the tools necessary to advance students’ musical passions.

Henry’s goal is to interact with other departments on campus to produce a professional quality show. These live performances would be recorded by departmental club members on campus; edited and released leading to the exposure of Santa Clara artists.  “I want to encourage more student-produced art here at SCU and I believe that more students should have the resources needed to create and perform, while simultaneously learning about their craft,” says Henry.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, participating in his “Underground Series” or in helping Henry with this project please contact him at