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Faculty Spotlight: Dr. Jane Curry

This summer, Professor Curry will be teaching at the Summer School in Warsaw as well as finishing a book chapter.

Professory Jane Curry is spending a month in Warsaw teaching at the Summer School running a seminar on contemporary issues for Ukrainian doctoral students and doing research on recent developments in Ukraine.  She has also been invited back to an international conference on the value of liberal arts education at the University of Warsaw in October. 

For the rest of the summer, she will be finishing a book chapter on the Polish Media and Journalism in Transition and working on her upcoming book on the People's Revolutions in Serbia, Georgia, and Ukraine and how and why they failed which is based on the interviews and research she did with her grant from the United States Institute of Peace and the work she has done with Ukrainian and Georgian specialists at the Center for East European Studies, University of Warsaw, where she is a Permanent Visiting Professor.

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