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  • Book and Webinars

    Raphael, C., & Matsuoka, M. (2024). Ground truths: Community-engaged research for environmental justice. University of California Press – Luminos.

    A comprehensive introduction to doing community-engaged research for environmental justice in many fields, including law and policy, community economic development, public health, food justice, urban and regional planning, and conservation. Available open access. Archived recordings of a webinar series based on the book are also available.

    Chad Raphael. Engaged scholarship for environmental justice: A guide

    An overview and guide to designing community-engaged, participatory research and arts projects for faculty, students, and community-based partners. Briefly grounds community-engaged approach to research in Jesuit pedagogy.

  • Additional Statements

    Laudate Deum (summary / full text)

    A follow-up to Laudato Si’ published in 2023, this apostolic exhortation calls on governments, institutions, and individuals to accelerate their efforts to address the intensifying climate crisis.

    Journeying toward Care for Our Common Home (summary / full text

    Document developed by several Vatican Dicasteries marking the five-year anniversary of Laudato Si’ includes more detailed steps toward integral ecology for universities and other institutions, including fossil fuel divestment.

    Fratelli Tutti (summary / full text

    Papal encyclical letter of 2020 addressing justice and social friendship in relationships, social life, politics, and institutions

  • Sustainability and Justice in Jesuit Education

    AJCU Ecology Educators and International Jesuit Ecology Project

    Reflections on, and visions of, an Ignatian pedagogy of sustainability.

    AJCU Integral Ecology Affinity Group 

    Strengthens research, education, and community engagement to advance environmental and economic justice.

    DeCosse, D., & Ladrigan-Whelpley, T. (Eds.). (2016).  (special issue). Explore, 19 (Spring).  

    Essays on Laudato Si’ and Silicon Valley, climate science and climate justice, environmental justice, public policy, social action, and a sustainable economy.


    An online journal for the exchange of ideas and practices on a broad array of ecological and social issues around the world, especially water and watershed management, mineral development, food security, climate change, disaster risk resilience, renewable and alternative energy, Indigenous Peoples, and cultural integrity, and sustainable development.

    Ladrigan-Whelpley, T. (Ed.). (2018). Is there a common good in our common home? (special issue). Explore, 20 (Spring). 

    Essays on the common good and the Jesuit university, racial and ethnic justice, economic justice, gender justice, and environmental justice.

    Leighter, J., & Smythe, K. Ignatian Pedagogy for Sustainability: An Overview. Jesuit Higher Education, 8(1), Article 3.

    Develops an Ignatian approach to teaching about sustainability and justice.

    Schmidt, E. W. (Ed.). (2016). Laudato Si’: Responsibility, conservation, sustainability (special issue). Conversations in Jesuit Higher Education, 50 (Fall). 

    Essays on Laudato Si’ and Jesuit universities.

  • Environmental Ethics

    Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Environmental Ethics Resources  

    Lesson plans, curriculum guides, and teaching tools for environmental ethics education.

  • Environmental Science

    Schuck, M. (Ed.) (2016), Healing Earth  

    Loyola University Chicago’s open access e-textbook integrating environmental science, ethics, spirituality, and action on major challenges of biodiversity, natural resources, renewable energy, water, food, and climate change.

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