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Bioengineering faculty members publish cutting-edge research on engineering, medicine, and biology, and regularly support graduate student work.

Dr Araci's research goals are directed toward the development and application of novel microfluidic and optofluidic technologies for biology and medicine. His work is focused on two major areas: i) implantable and miniaturized devices for telemedicine and ii) single molecule protein counting.

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Dr. Asuri's research interests involve integrating tools and concepts from biomaterials engineering, biotechnology, and cell biology to explore the role of biomaterial properties such as porosity, matrix stiffness on protein structure, function, and in regulating cell fate.

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Dr. Kim investigates the application of integrated microfluidic systems for multiple applications in diagnostics as well as experimental science.

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Dr. Lu’s research focuses on medical translations of protein engineering that includes protein therapeutics and drug delivery as well as molecular sensor and imaging technology.

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Dr. Mobed-Miremadi's research interests are in the areas of simulation, optimization, and statistical validation across multiscale biomaterials-related platforms.

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Dr. Yan's current research focuses on basic and translational aspects of human voice that include the development of new imaging modalities to study laryngeal dynamics and function, with associated methods in the analysis and modeling of human voice production. She is also participating in a multi-PI project, funded by the NIH, on the development of optical switch probes and novel detection and image analyses of this novel class of probe for applications in high contrast imaging with living cells and tissues.

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Dr. Zhang is currently engaged in research on several NIH-funded projects spanning protein engineering to drug discovery.

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