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Mobed-Miremadi, Maryam


Dr. Maryam Mobed-Miremadi is a Lecturer at Santa Clara University since 2013. She is a chemical engineer (B Eng, M Eng, McGill University Canada) by training with an emphasis on transport and microencapsulation technologies for bioengineering applications. She graduated from McGill University with a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering having conducted her research at the Artificial Cells and Organs Research Centre. Following graduate school, she spent 12 years in the biomedical industry in various R&D and manufacturing positions, specifically in Diagnostics (Abaxis), Genomics (Agilent Technologies, Wafergen), and Biomedical Devices (Boston Scientific) in R&D and  Manufacturing. Prior to joining SCU, she served as the Kordestani Chair in Bioengineering from 2009-2012.


  • BIOE 120. Experimental Methods in Bioengineering
  • BIOE 140. Biomaterials Engineering and Characterization
  • BIOE 153. Biomaterial Science
  • BIOE 157. Biofuels Engineering
  • BIOE 180. Clinical Trials: Design, Analysis and Ethical Issues
  • BIOE 232. Biostatistics
  • BIOE 260. Selected Topics in Bio-Transport Phenomena
  • BIOE 282. BioProcess Engineering I
  • BIOE 283. BioProcess Engineering II 

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Selected Publications

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Maryam Mobed Miremadi

Senior Lecturer, Department of Bioengineering