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Arrupe Engagement

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Arrupe Student Guide

Arrupe Engagement  |  2023-24

Each quarter of the academic year, our community partner agencies and schools will be inviting SCU students to serve as: tutors for young children; advocates for educational, economic and racial justice; educators for sustainable gardening techniques, and more. So get ready to fulfill your ELSJ Core requirement by joining community members who are on the ground working for positive change. All you have to do is:

Spring Quarter 2024

Week before Week 1 of Spring Quarter

Find your ELSJ class on your Camino portal. On your ELSJ class page, you should find information on what community partners have been approved by your professor. Create a list of 2-3 community placements who you are interested in working with and whose proposed schedule also works with your schedule. If this information is not there, please check in with your professor.

Please keep in mind that you are responsible for arranging transportation to and from your placement.

Week 1 of Spring Quarter 

  • Come in person to register for your Arrupe Engagement community placement. Please bring a device with you such as a laptop, cell phone, tablet or anything else that can help you access the registration website to successfully register for a community placement.
  • All students must be registered to engage with a community partner by the end of Week 1. Contact with questions.
  • Arrupe Engagement community placement registration for the Spring quarter will be conducted in person in Nobili Dining Room, Nobili Hall:
      • Mon | April 1 | 10 AM - 1 PM
      • Tue | April 2 | 10 AM - 4 PM
      • Wed | April 3 | 10 AM - 4 PM
      • Thu | April 4 | 10 AM - 1 PM

Week 2 of Spring Quarter

  • Attend both mandatory orientations: one Arrupe Engagement orientation AND the orientation hosted by your community placement.
  • Arrupe Engagement orientations will be on campus in Nobili Dining Room during Week 2: 
      • Mon | April 8 | 6 - 7 PM | In person at the Williman Room inside Benson
      • Tue | April 9 | 9 - 10 AM | In person at Nobili Dining Room
      • Tue | April 9 | 4 -5 PM | Over Zoom (calendar invites will be sent to the students who are registered)
      • Wed | April 10 | 10:30 - 11:30 AM | In person at Nobili Dining Room
      • Thu | April 11 | 1 PM - 2 PM | In person at the California Mission Room inside Benson
      • Friday, April 12 | 8 - 9 AM | In person at Nobili Dining Room
  • Attend the mandatory orientation/ training with your community placement during Week 2. The date and time of this orientation will be shared with you during registration. You will also receive a Google calendar invitation with the orientation details including date, time, location and modality.
  • Complete and submit all requirements as described by your community placement. All requirements need to be completed and submitted no later than the end of Week 2. Requirements can include items such as Tuberculosis (TB) testing, fingerprinting/background checks, specific training, and more.
  • Requirements such as TB testing, TB Risk Assessments, and fingerprinting must be done by the end of Week 2 or else you will need to coordinate this on your own and you will be responsible for any expenses you incur. If the Cowell Health Center recommends you move forward with a Tuberculosis (TB) blood test, you can get this done at the Cowell Health Center or with your own health care provider. The expenses for this TB blood test will be your responsibility to cover. Many medical insurances cover the cost of a TB blood test so we encourage all students to check with their personal healthcare providers if they have questions or concerns. You are welcome to submit a claim through your own health insurance or move forward with paying the out of pocket price. The Arrupe Engagement team will not cover this expense.
  • For any students moving forward with any appointment with the Cowell Health Center, if you miss your appointment without notifying the Cowell Health Center, you will be charged a No Show fee of $30.00 that will be the students responsibility to finance. The Cowell Health Center, the Arrupe Engagement Program or Santa Clara University will not cover these expenses.
  • If students need to set up a new TB Skin Testing appointment, they will be charged $20.00  that will be the students responsibility to finance. The Cowell Health Center, the Arrupe Engagement Program or Santa Clara University  will not cover these expenses.
  • Students may be denied a TB Skin testing appointment after Week 2 of the quarter and will be referred to either get this test done with their primary care provider or at one of the following nearby clinics. Costs associated with completing this requirement outside of SCU Cowell Center will be the student’s responsibility to finance. The Cowell Health Center, the Arrupe Engagement Program or Santa Clara University  will not cover these expenses.
  • Information on what requirements need to be completed for each community placement will be available to you on your ELSJ class Camino page, in your confirmation email, and can be identified during the registration process. You may not begin working with your community placement before these requirements have been met. There are no exceptions for this.

Week 3 of Spring Quarter 

After you have attended the mandatory orientations and have completed and submitted the community placement requirements, you are ready to get started working with your community placement! You should begin with your community placement no later than the start of Week 3. If you start sooner than this, that is wonderful!

Weeks 3-10

Drop by the Ignatian Center in Nobili Hall for office hours: Mondays 1-2 PM, Tuesdays 10-11 AM, and Thursdays 1-2 PM.

Weeks 5-10

Arrupe Student Assistants will host reflection hours: Mondays 2-3 PM, Tuesdays 11 AM-12 PM, Thursdays 2-3 PM

Additional Resources

If you have any questions throughout your engagement, please email us at or give us a call at 408-554-5011.