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2020 Graduates



Congratulations Class of 2020 - You Will Be Missed!

Although this year's SCU commencement ceremony was canceled due to Covid-19, we wanted to honor these Class of 2020 Ignatian Center student leaders. We are confident that they will use their passion and dedication to make the world a better place - here, there, and everywhere.

  • Emma Mariko Hokoda

    Recipient of the Neider Family Alumni Service Award
    Recipient of the Environmental Studies Research Award

    • Major: Environmental Studies
    • Minor: Sustainability
    • Immersion Participant: Oakland
    • Immersion Coordinator: Appalachia


    "I was accepted to serve in the Peace Corps as a Community Environmental Promoter in Paraguay. However due to Covid-19 my service has been postponed which has required me to look for service opportunities more locally. As such I am in the application process for several domestic service opportunities including Climate Corps and Americorps. I’m actually hoping to hear about a climate corps position working with the City of Sunnyvale as an Environmental Programs Associate and have interviews with Earth Team and a sustainable transit position with the City of Honolulu."

  • Angie Scott


    • Major: Environmental Studies & English
    • Immersion Participant: Cholula, Mexico
    • Immersion Coordinator: East LA


    "In a few weeks, I will be moving to Detroit, MI with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps to participate in a year of service. I will be working as a paralegal for a nonprofit that works with people in the city who are dealing with housing issues by assisting them in court and helping submit paperwork."

  • Gloria Sevilla

    Recipient of the Francisco Jimenez Scholar Award

    • Major: Spanish Studies
    • Minor: Mathematics & Urban Education 
    • Thriving Neighbors Fellow: Visual Arts and Performing Arts (VAPA)


    "Next stop, Grad School! I will be applying to Teaching Credential programs with the goal to become a Math & Spanish Teacher with a Bilingual Authorization."

  • Mary Claire Simone

    Recipient of the Robert P. Balles SCU Mathematics Scholars Award
    Recipient of the Paul R. Halmos Prize
    Recipient of the Orella Prize

    • Major: Mathematics & History 
    • Minor: Political Science
    • Immersion Participant: New Orleans
    • Immersion Coordinator: San Francisco
    • Member: Alpha Sigma Nu


    "This fall I will start a PhD program in mathematics at UC Davis. I’m excited to pursue the world of academics and abstractions as well as remain grounded in the values and insights I learned throughout my experiences with the Ignatian Center."

  • Yesenia Magdaleno Solis

    Recipient of the Peter-Hans Kolvenbach, S.J., Award

    • Major: Sociology & Spanish
    • Minor: Urban Education & Latin American Studies
    • Immersion Participant: San Jose
    • Immersion Participant: Dominican Republic
    • Immersion Coordinator: San Jose
    • Thriving Neighbors Student Mentor: After-school Enrichment Program
    • Thriving Neighbors Student Assistant: Education Pipeline


    "I was hired by Sacred Heart Community Service as a temporary Housing Specialist for a rental relief program for families affected by COVID-19 and in danger of eviction. I have to thank the community in Campus Ministry for helping me find what faith meant to me, and for the Ignatian Center in teaching me how to transform my faith into action for solving social justice issues, particularly at a local level. I know it is a long route ahead, but I am forever thankful for the difficult conversation, the privilege-checks, and the life-long friends I made during my time at SCU."

  • Emily Grace Yekikian

    Recipient of the McPhee Award

    • Major: History
    • Minor: Political Science & Sustainability
    • Immersion Participant: San Francisco
    • Immersion Coordinator: Ecuador


    "Starting in August, I will be doing a year of service with the JVC where I'll be working at the West Side Catholic Center, a nonprofit in Cleveland, Ohio that advocates for and provides assistance to those who are housing insecure. I am specifically responsible for coordinating programs for the organization's Workforce Development Center and Expressive Arts Program, which is group therapy through the arts. I am so excited to begin a new chapter of my life in a completely new state and thankful that SCU and my experience with the Ignatian Center guided me down this path."

Annalicia Anaya

  • Major: Sociology
  • Minor: Anthropology & Environmental Studies
  • 2018 Jean Donovan Fellow: San Francisco
  • Immersion Participant: Mexico
  • Member: Alpha Sigma Nu

Kendra Bean

  • Major: Psychology
  • 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow: Hawaii

Nicholas Chan

  • Major: Economics
  • 2017 Jean Donovan Fellow: South Africa
  • Immersion Participant: San Jose

Benjamin Davidson

  • Major: Philosophy
  • 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow: Oregon
  • Immersion Participant: India

Drew Descourouez

  • Major: Environmental Studies
  • Minor: Economics & Philosophy
  • 2016 Jean Donovan Fellow: South Africa
  • Immersion Participant: Appalachia
  • Immersion Coordinator: El Salvador

Akil Douglas

  • Major: Communications
  • Arrupe Engagement Fellow
  • Arrupe Engagement Student Assistant

Andrew Elliott

  • Major: Finance
  • Immersion Participant: East Los Angeles
  • Immersion Participant: Dominican Republic
  • Immersion Participant: East Africa
  • Vice President: Alpha Sigma Nu

Gladys Hilerio

  • Major: Computer Science & Engineering
  • 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow: Mexico
  • Immersion Participant: San Jose

Seamus Powell Hudnut
Recipient of the Interdisciplinary Engineering Design Award
Recipient of the Santa Clara University Engineering Ethics Prize

  • Major: Bioengineering
  • 2020 Jean Donovan Fellow: San Francisco

Christopher Lindrud

  • Major: Political Science
  • 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow: Chile

Jazmine Low

  • Major: Bioengineering
  • Immersion Participant: Oakland
  • Immersion Coordinator: San Jose


Makda Mehari

  • Major: Biology
  • 2018 Jean Donovan Fellow: Eritria

Anthony Mejia

  • Major: Philosophy & Psychology
  • Arrupe Engagement Fellow
  • Immersion Participant: Mexico

Maria Nelson

  • Major: Psychology
  • Minor: Public Health & Spanish
  • Thriving Neighbors Fellow: MOBI
  • Immersion Participant: Arizona Border

Javier Orgega

  • Major: Political Science & Ethnic Studies
  • Minor: Computer Science
  • 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow: San Jose, CA
  • Immersion Participant: Costa Rica
  • Immersion Coordinator: Urban Plunge
  • Immersion Coordinator: Arizona Border

Vidya Pingali

  • Major: Computer Science
  • 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow: India

Hana Seastedt

  • Major: Public Health
  • 2019 Jean Donovan Fellow: Laos

Amanda Sit

  • Major: Environmental Studies & Spanish
  • Minor: Entrepreneurship
  • Immersion Participant: San Jose
  • Immersion Participant: India
  • Immersion Coordinator: San Jose
  • Immersion Coordinator: Dominican Republic

Nicholas Spragg

  • Major: Finance & Art History
  • 2017 Jean Donovan Fellow: Cambodia
  • Immersion Participant: San Jose

Sherene Victor

  • Major: Computer Science & Engineering
  • Immersion Participant: Appalachia
  • Immersion Participant: Ecuador
  • President: Alpha Sigma Nu

Vivian Vo

  • Major: Biology
  • 2018 Jean Donovan Fellow: Concord, CA