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Academic Technology

Camino Faculty Workshops

The Instructional Technology group regularly offers Camino-related workshops to help you further integrate the Camino learning management system more fully into your courses. 

Camino Workshops 

Camino Basics 

Learn the basics of Camino, SCU’s branded version of the Canvas Learning Management System. Topics include: how to log in, access courses, communicate with students, change your personal and course settings, upload a syllabus, and organize resources in Camino modules.

Camino Course Design 

Well-designed Camino courses enhance student engagement while helping you stay organized. Using modules, students can find documents, slides, and assignments all in one place. This hands-on workshop focuses on the use of modules to structure course content effectively. 

Camino Assignments 

 Camino Learning Management System allows you to create a variety of assessment types using the Assignments tool. A well-planned series of assignments in Camino gives your students the feedback they need to succeed while simplifying your grading process. Learn how to create, grade, and provide feedback to students in Camino in this hands-on workshop. 

Camino Quizzes 

Learn how to create, moderate, and grade quizzes in Camino's New Quizzes tool. This workshop focuses on the creation of different question types, the use of question banks, grading Camino quizzes, and how to interpret quiz result reports. 

Camino Gradebook 

Make full use of Camino’s grading features to manage grade visibility and execute complex grading processes. Understand how you can set up your gradebook with a grade posting policy that matches your grading workflow, configure weighted grades, and show students where they can view instructor feedback.

Each workshop is offered multiple times throughout the summer and academic year. View the individual workshop descriptions and view the calendar to sign up!


If you have any questions about the workshops or instructional technology support in general, please contact the Instructional Technology team: Colin Justin, Eric Haynie, Jeremy KempKeith Yocam, Raymundo Duron, or


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