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Camino Tips and Tricks

Frequently asked questions:

"I have multiple sections with the same content."

(How do I cross-list sections?)

The system allows you to work with multiple classes and rosters in a single course area. All participants experience the course identically, with a single course title showing. This process can cause problems by deleting content, so make sure your shells are completely empty before doing this.
To minimize risk, the Instructional Technology group is happy to do this for you. With your request, we will need the following information:
  • The section codes of the courses you would like to merge, e.g., "46372"
  • The section that should be visible to all of the students - they will see this one course ID when they log in.
Further information is available in the Canvas Guide section on cross-listing sections.

"I cannot see my courses!"

(Customizing the Course list.)

If you see your class in eCampus but not Camino, you may need to add courses to your pulldown menu.  Choose View all or Customize and then click the stars next to classes you want to see.
Further information is available in the Canvas Guide section on customizing the course list.

"How do I copy materials from a previous course?"

(Importing content from another camino course)

The second time you teach a course you have the option to move all content from a previous term.

This is done in Settings > Import content ... > Copy a Canvas Course. Be sure to change all of the dates in the course materials.  

Further information is available in the Canvas Guide on importing content from another course.
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