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Technology at SCU

Move a Video in Class Recordings

Copy Video to Another Folder

Locate the video you would like to copy on your Camino course page.  

Hover over the video to reveal the Settings button > Click Settings button.

Edit video settings

Click the Manage tab on the left side of the pop-up window, scroll down to Copy session, click Copy to create a duplicate of the desired video.

Manage video

Click OK when prompted to confirm copying a session.

Confirm copying a session

Close the pop-up window and you should now see there are 2 of the same video.

Duplicated videos

Move this copy to a new folder following the steps below.



Move a Video to Another Folder

If you have a recording on the Class Recordings tab that you want to move to a different folder, follow these steps. This can be helpful for moving videos from your Spring 2020 class to your Fall 2020 class or for moving recordings from your personal folder to a class folder.


1. Click on the Class Recordings tab. 


Click the dropdown menu to view all of your folders

 dropdown to select folder in Class Recordings

2. Choose the folder that has the video you want to move. If the recording was not generated using Zoom Pro on Camino, it will be in “My Folder”.

*If you do not see your desired video in the dropdown, begin typing the desired folder name in the search bar.

 choose a folder in Class Recordings

3. Select Meeting Recordings (if in your Personal Folder)

 select the Meeting Recordings folder in Class Recordings

4. Find the recording you want to move (Note: It might still be processing. You can still move a video while it is processing.) and click Settings.

 video settings in Class Recordings video

5. By the Folder section, click Edit

 edit the folder for a video

6. Choose the Class and/or Folder where you want to move the Zoom Recordings TO. 

*If you do not see your desired video in the dropdown, begin typing the desired folder name in the search bar.

 dropdown to choose folder for specific video

7. You’ll see the new folder name in the Folder section. Click Save.

 how to save changes in video settings

8. Go to the Class Recordings tab on the Camino class where you moved the Zoom recording and confirm it is there. 

 Class Recordings tab in Camino