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Technology at SCU

Find Your Device MAC Address

Navigate here to macOS
  1. Click the Apple icon in the top-left of your screen and select System Preferences.
  2. Click on Network, select your network connection (typically "Wi-Fi" for wireless and a "Thunderbolt" or "USB" connection for wired), and click Details or Advanced (depending on your macOS version).
  3. Select the Hardware tab. You should then see the MAC Address listed in the alpha/number format like A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6.
Navigate here to Windows
  1. Click the Windows icon in your taskbar. Search for the Settings app and open it.
  2. Select Network & Internet and then select Advanced Network Settings towards the bottom of the window.
  3. Click the Hardware and Connection Properties tab. Find your connection (typically "Wi-Fi" for wireless and "Ethernet" for wired). The Physical Address (MAC) should be listed in the alpha/number format like A1:B2:C3:D4:E5:F6.
Navigate here to Xbox
  1. Navigate to the Settings page.
  2. Select Network.
  3. Select Advanced Settings.
  4. MAC address will be listed next to Wired MAC on the right hand side of the screen.
Navigate here to Playstation
  1. From the Playstation Home screen, select Settings on the top right of the screen.
  2. Go to System.
  3. Select System Software.
  4. Go to Console Information.
  5. Here you will find the MAC Address.
Navigate here to Nintendo Switch
  1. Select System Settings from the HOME Menu. System Settings highlighted on the HOME Menu Screen.
  2. Scroll down through the menu and select Internet.
  3. The Nintendo Switch console's MAC address will be listed under System MAC Address.
Navigate here to Apple TV
  1. With your Apple TV remote, navigate to the Settings icon and select it.
  2. From the Settings menu, select General.
  3. Under General, select Network.
  4. Your MAC Address will be next to either Wi-Fi Address or Ethernet Address depending on whether you are connected to the internet via Wi-Fi or a Wired connection.
Navigate here to Roku
  1. On the back on your Roku there are a pair of six 2-digit pairs separated by colons, e.g. 00:0D:0A:1H:3G:5C. One set is for the Ethernet connector and for the other for the wireless connector.
  2. Alternatively, from the Roku home screen, select Settings > Network > locate the value next to "Wireless MAC Address"