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Technology at SCU

Email Distribution Lists

Santa Clara University maintains an email distribution list facility called Mailman.

Most lists on Mailman are private and targeted to a group, club or organization with a common affiliation. However, there are several global lists to address the campus community as a whole. The global lists are separated by group affiliation - Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Undergraduate Students. Each group affiliation has an essential and non-essential list associated with it.

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Guidelines for Using the SCU Distribution Lists

Santa Clara provides mailing lists allowing email messages to be broadcast to members of the University community.
The Essential mailing lists are intended for communications related to University business and communications that are considered "essential" and that it impacts the recipients ability to perform their function at the University (job, scholarship, etc.). Messages that are informational, surveys, event announcements, and similar should be directed to the "general" lists.
The General mailing lists are intended for communications related to University business. This includes, but is not limited to, publicity for University-sponsored activities, faculty and staff organizational announcements, surveys, and notification of availability of University services and resources.  

Things to think about when sending a message to an email list:
  • Ensure the subject of the message is relevant to the members of the list.
  • Ensure the content of the message is professional in nature and adheres to University policies, particularly those related to discrimination or harassment.
  • Ensure the integrity and performance of the University's email system: messages and attachments sent to any lists are limited to 1.5 megabyte in size.  Please consider posting supplemental information on a web page and include a link to that page in your message, rather than sending the materials as attachments.
  • If you are replying to a message sent to an email list, is the content of your reply something that must be seen by all members of the list or would it be more appropriate to reply privately to the sender?

Inappropriate uses of the email lists include:

  • Sending messages that are discriminatory or harassing
  • Sending messages that are false, derogatory, profane or sexually explicit in nature
  • Sending messages that are commercial or political in nature
  • Soliciting support for charities or special causes that are not connected with a Santa Clara University activity
  • Forwarding chain messages or unverified public service announcements (e.g., virus alerts or warnings of disruptive events)