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Koret Fellowship Program

Through generous grants from the Koret Foundation and private donations from supporters and alumni, the LEAD Scholars Program offers fellowships to support LEAD Scholars interested in engaging in extracurricular learning opportunities that will support their vocational development including unpaid internships, community-based learning, undergraduate research, study abroad, and summer school. The call for fellowship applications goes out at the end of winter quarter and are awarded in early spring. Off-cycle fellowships are also available by contacting Andrea Jackson at



2019 - 2020 Featured Fellowships

Majors in Economics & Anthropology, Minor in International Business

Bryan Altamirano, 2021

Majoring in Biology - Pre Med track

Christopher Arellano Reyes, 2023

English Major, Ethnic Studies Major

Shenir Dennis, 2022

Major, Biomedical Engineering

Dwight Johnson, 2022

2019 - 2020 Healthcare Innovation Fellows 

A collaboration between SCU’s Bioinnovation and Design Lab and the LEAD Scholars Program, the Healthcare Innovation Fellowship supports undergraduate students interested in developing technical, design thinking and entrepreneurial skills to address complex challenges in healthcare. The two-year program provides student fellows opportunities to engage in informational interviews, courses, projects, and other appropriate professional development activities in the healthcare innovation field. 

Majors in Computer Science

Ron Huang, 2023

Majors in Bioengineering in the Biomolecular Track

Brayan Perez, 2023

Majors in Biomolecular Engineering

Victoria Sanchez-Monroy, 2023

Majors in Bioengineering, Medical Devices Track

Jaylinn Solis, 2023

 All 2019 - 2020 Koret Fellowship Recipients 

Edith Gonzalez, Class of 2022, Computer Science & Engineering - Grace Hopper Conference

Jaylinn Solis, Class of 2023, Bioengineering - Health Innovation Fellowship

Brayan Perez, Class of 2023, Bioengineering - Health Innovation Fellowship

Victoria Sanchez-Monroy, Class of 2023, Bioengineering - Health Innovation Fellowship

Ron Huang, Class of 2023, Computer Science - Health Innovation Fellowship

Jocelyne Pulido, Class of 2021, Art/Art Studies - Health Innovation Fellowship

Tannaz Azimi, Class of 2022, Neuroscience - Health Innovation Fellowship Year 2 

Aliyah Contreras, Class of 2022, Undeclared Business - Health Innovation Fellowship Year 2 

Renzo Huarcaya, Class of 2022, Neuroscience & Pre-health - Health Innovation Fellowship Year 2 

Karina Sanchez, Class of 2022, BIOE - Health Innovation Fellowship Year 2 

Leslie Valenzuela, Class of 2022, Undeclared Physics - Health Innovation Fellowship Year 2 

Jauregui Cinthya, Class of 2022, Computer Science and Engineering - Health Innovation Fellowship Year 2 

Diego Ardilla, Class of 2022, Sociology - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Camilla CalleClass of 2022, Public Health and Biology; Spanish Studies - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Aliyah ContrerasClass of 2022, Finance - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Rosaura HernandezClass of 2023, Computer Science and Engineering - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Renzo HuarcayaClass of 2022, Neuroscience - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Liliana Lomeli, Class of 2022, Business Management - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Vanessa MettiClass of 2022, Political Science - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Javier OrtegaClass of 2020, Ethnic Studies; Political Science - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Anthony Ramirez GuerreroClass of 2020, Bioengineering - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Carlos Sigi RodriguezClass of 2020, Communication - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Mariela ZunigaClass of 2022, Electrical Engineering - LEAD Costa Rica Immersion

Henry Estrada-GoldenClass of 2022, Accounting - East Los Angeles Immersion

Omar Ronquillo MedinaClass of 2023, Communication; Spanish Studies - East Los Angeles Immersion

Ashley RosasClass of 2022, Mathematics - East Los Angeles Immersion

Jaylinn SolisClass of 2023, Bioengineering - East Los Angeles Immersion

Jesus HernandezClass of 2020, Computer Science - Cholula, Mexico Immersion

Christopher Arellano Reyes, Class of 2023, Biology - Internship for Breath California of the Bay Area 

Gerryk Ayala, Class of 2023, Business - Internship as an Economic Equity Fellow for The Daniel Initiative SET Project

Malik Williams, Class of 2023, Biology & Spanish - Internship at SCU with Sport Medicine

Isaac Toscano, Class of 2023, Neuroscience - Public Health intern for The Health Trust within the Mexican Consulate of San Jose

Ethan Nguyen, Class of 2022, Marketing - Launch Academy/Dream Academy Internship

Marieli Rubio, Class of 2021, Civil Engineering Launch Academy/Dream Academy Internship

Adan Gonzalez, Class of 2021, Finance Launch Academy/Dream Academy Internship

Rodrigo Mendez, Class of 2022, Civil Engineering Launch Academy/Dream Academy Internship

Bryan Altamirano, Class of 2021, Economics & Anthropology - Field research in historical archaeology, linguistic anthropology, and ethnography in Oaxaca, Mexico

Diego Ardila, Class of 2022, Sociology - SHNS Alumni Database Research at SCU

Julia Dayton, Class of 2022, Neuroscience & Bio - Analyzing Embiopteran Silk and Water Interactions Using Microscopy at SCU with Dr. Edgerly Rooks

Shenir Dennis, Class of 2021, English -  Research on the impact of COVID-19 on low income communities with Dr. Lueck

Christopher Arellano Reyes, Class of 2023, Biology - Research with Dr. David Hess, Python Bioinformatics Research into the evolution of E. coli

Maria Hernandez, Class of 2021, Bio & Public Health - Bioinformatics Public Health Research with Craig Stephens

Camila Calle, Class of 2022, Public Health and Biology

Malik Williams, Class of 2023, Biology & Spanish

Johnny Dimas Flores, Class of 2021, Mechanical Engineering

Tera Lloyd, Class of 2021, Public Health and Biology

Martin Rios Cardenas, Class of 2022, Computer Science

Karina Sanchez, Class of 2022, Bioengineering

Leslie Valenzuela, Class of 2022, Engineering

Edith Gonzalez, Class of 2021, Computer Science & Engineering 

Jose Gallo Alvarado, Class of 2022, Political Science

Orlando Caballero, Class of 2022, Biology & Public Health

Sebastian De La Cruz, Class of 2022, Computer Science & Engineering

Dwight Johnson, Class of 2023, Bioengineering

Neida Cabrera-Sanchez, Class of 2021, Marketing

Renzo Huarcaya, Class of 2022, Neurosciene

Karina Gonzalez Lopez, Class of 2022, Public Health and Communication