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  • An Exercise in Moderation

    Conference Feb. 2 will address how some of Silicon Valley’s top companies moderate and remove problematic Internet content.

  • Nonprofit Ethics

    A Jan. 19 gathering gives nonprofit leaders a unique two-day forum for dealing with ethical and operational challenges for organizations that seek to do good in the world.

  • A Window into the Past

    Archives & Special Collections launches a digital archive of The Santa Clara student newspaper.

  • Farming 2.0

    Sam Bertram ’16, M.S. ’18 and OnePointOne harness the efficiencies of machine learning and fully automated indoor farms to take on world hunger.

  • Journalists Talk About Trust

    Former editors of The Santa Clara, now working journalists, talk about trust in journalism, upon the occasion of the new Markkula Center for Applied Ethics-hosted initiative, The Trust Project.

  • Dirty Work

    Lindsey Kalkbrenner has helped grow a culture of sustainability at SCU—and she has the hardware to prove it.

  • The Trolley Solution

    How faculty and students in philosophy are using virtual reality to make thought experiments a little more real.

  • Bring Your Friends

    W. Kamau Bell is back at SCU. And this time, he’s brought other artists with him for his panel at Salon 2018: Culture, Power, Difference.

  • Protected in Name Only

    Protected areas are a big part of keeping waterbird populations safe. But Brody Sandel says they’re only as effective as the governments that enforce them.

  • The Gift of Water

    Audrey Gozali ’18 wins a national award in civil engineering for her work in improving water quality.

  • Bearing One Another’s Burdens

    President Michael E. Engh, S.J., discussed the year’s successes and holding one another “in awe,” in his State of the University address.

  • Broncos and Bitcoin

    Santa Clara University Finance Professor Atulya Sarin discusses the promise and perils of Bitcoin.

  • Taking the Long Way Home

    An injury gave Henry Caruso M.S. ’18 a second-chance at his final season of college basketball. He chose to do it at home.

  • Turning Loss into a Gain

    Too small, misshapen, overripe. Tons of edible produce are wasted each year because they don’t look the part. Students from the Food and Agribusiness Institute want to change that.

  • Pope Francis and Accompanying Families

    In late February, Santa Clara University hosted bishops and theologians exploring ways to implement Pope Francis's groundbreaking teachings on pastoral approaches to family.

  • Broncos Bring It

    Santa Clara University’s fifth annual Day of Giving raised a whopping $3.2 million from more than 5,500 gifts, to benefit schools, programs, centers, and scholarships.

  • Low Tech, High Impact

    Michael Neumann ’03, M.S. ’08, Ph.D. ’17 is using an unlikely tool to help high school students in Tanzania with their final examinations.

  • From Baseball to Higher Ed

    Former Oakland A’s President Michael Crowley joins SCU’s executive team as Vice President of Finance and Administration.

  • Making Better Medicine

    Cottrell Scholar Grace Stokes is exploring the power of peptoids in helping develop longer-lasting drugs.

  • Befriending The Opponent

    Fifty years ago, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was tragically assassinated. We remember and honor him with a discussion about one of his speeches by W. Kamau Bell and Aldo Billingslea.

  • Let’s Make Better, Better

    Daniel Levy M.S. ’18 and Mai Anh Do M.S. ’18 want to help bring gene therapy to the masses using a new method to deliver cancer-fighting DNA.

  • History Beneath Your Feet

    Linda Hylkema and her team of archaeologists unearthed treasures from the past during the Franklin Street renovation.

  • Building Something Good

    How new coach Rusty Filter has helped sixth-year pitcher Steven Wilson ’17, M.S. ’18 and the Broncos get a fresh start.

  • Signs of Progress

    Kelly Detweiler is tapping the Benson art collection to liven up campus construction with alumni art.

  • CNN’s W. Kamau Bell Is Back and Ready To Listen

    Fortune calls W. Kamau Bell’s United Shades of America, just returned for a third season, “a master class in uncomfortable conversations.” This week, Bell returns to campus for his spring residency as Frank Sinatra Chair.

  • Quick on the Reload

    How Andrew Torrance ’19 took a stapler and helped make robot-assisted surgery a little bit better.

  • Dolores on “Dolores”

    Frank Sinatra Artist-in-Residence W. Kamau Bell sat down with Chicana activist Dolores Huerta to discuss the new documentary that tells her story and bears her name.

  • Building a Winner

    On the latest Voices of Santa Clara podcast, Director of Athletics Renee Baumgartner reflects on her first three years as a Bronco and discusses what success looks like at Santa Clara University.

  • Eight For Eight

    SCU “Sweeps” With a Record Eight Fulbrights

    A record eight Broncos were winners of Fulbright scholarships this year–putting SCU on track to be a “top producing” school for the fifth time in six years.

  • Our Faithful Feminist

    Sr. Sandra Schneiders will speak at Jesuit School of Theology Commencement May 19. Learn more about her 40-year career as a teacher, biblical scholar, and pioneering feminist theologian.

  • Your Vote, Your Voice

    Santa Clara joins California Secretary of State Alex Padilla, AICCU in historic partnership to register students to vote.

  • Take the Right Risks

    Howard S. Charney MBA ‘73, J.D. ‘77, urged the Santa Clara Law Class of 2018 to weigh risks but take them on.

  • Painting with Numbers

    A summer research program taught Isabela Figueira ’18 how to use machine learning in computer animation—and changed her career path along the way.

  • Seize the Opportunity

    Lauren Kinerk ’19 has dreamed of working for Apple for years. When she got the chance, she didn’t hesitate.

  • Just Getting Started

    The school year is winding down, but Santa Clara students aren’t going on vacation. They’re just getting started.

  • Statement on Violence in Nicaragua

    As violence has erupted in Nicaragua, Santa Clara University speaks out in solidarity with our sister institution, Universidad Centroamericana de Nicaragua.

  • Radical in Residence

    In the business world, being ethical can make you a rebel. Commencement speaker Kirk O. Hanson on a career keeping innovation honest.

  • How Did You Win a Fulbright?

    Fulbright winners and their mentors share the “secret sauce” behind SCU’s record showing in Fulbrights this year.

  • Getting to the Birds

    Virtual reality for your ears? Maya Ackerman and student researchers are using technology to enhance meditation.

  • Be Different

    Outgoing Ethics Center leader Kirk Hanson urges SCU's graduates to embrace and nurture what sets them apart.

  • Find the Sun

    Propelled by a revolving solar panel, a team of engineering students take fourth place in the SMUD Solar Regatta endurance race.

  • There’s the Beef

    Brad Haley ’80, MBA ’82 hits a home run with International House of Pancakes campaign.

  • SCU Alumni Make the World a Better Place

    With our newest class of graduates branching out across the world post-graduation, we asked our SCU thought leaders, “How do Santa Clara alumni make the world a better place?”

  • It’s Time for Reinvention

    Adaptation and innovation are the watchwords for all business schools in the coming year, writes Leavey School of Business Dean Caryn Beck-Dudley.

  • Teaching is Art

    Studio art student Bevin McCullough ’19 takes her passion to the Palo Alto Art Center, thanks to the REAL Program.

  • What I’ve Learned

    Thirty episodes in, Gavin Cosgrave ’20 reflects on his personal takeaways from hosting the Voices of Santa Clara podcast.

  • ‘Embodiment of the American Dream’

    Former Nevada governor and senator Paul Laxalt ’44 passed away at 96. Known as “First Friend” to Republican President Ronald Reagan, Laxalt spent four decades in public service.

  • History Repeating

    Students and faculty turn to the library archives to tackle the continued fight for gender equality, 19th Century “Fake News,” and the case for Frankenstein in the canon.

  • Hiding in Plain Sight

    Nanomaterials are in lots of everyday products, but are they dangerous? Korin Wheeler and her student researchers want to find out. Her work was recently recognized with a Henry Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar Award.

  • Learning the Art Form

    Jack Benjamin ’18 can paint a picture with his voice. This fall, the former KSCU sports announcer will call games for two top college programs.

  • Here, Kitty

    Kathy Aoki questions the Hello Kitty obsession with her immersive exhibit at the San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art.

  • Cell by Cell

    Paul Abbyad and a group of student researchers are hoping a new type of microfluidic device will help scientists learn more about the behavior of cancer cells.

  • This is How You ‘College’

    Being a first-generation college student can be stressful. On the latest episode of “Life Invented,” LEAD Director Erin Kimura-Walsh and several first-generation scholars offer insight and inspiration as LEAD Week kicks off.

  • Newsroom to Classroom

    Don Heider, executive director of the Markkula Center For Applied Ethics, reflects on his journey to SCU and the importance of engaging Silicon Valley in important conversations about ethics.

  • Why I’m staying in the church

    Kevin O’Brien (JST) wrote an op-ed for CNN about the goal of working with theology students to reform the Church in the way that God desires.

  • A Vision for Tomorrow

    The Ignatian Center’s Thriving Neighbors Initiative is helping a group of San Jose immigrant mothers build a better future for their community.

  • Getting REAL

    Students in the College of Arts and Sciences explored their passions while being paid over the summer, thanks to $550,000 in funding through the REAL Program.

  • ‘More Than a Place to Sleep’

    SCU’s Vice Provost for Student Life Jeanne Rosenberger talks about the new year and explains how residence halls allow students to interact and engage with their community.

  • How Ants Might Hold the Key to Cloud Security

    Yuhong Liu, assistant professor of computer engineering, and Ruiwen (Louise) Li ’19 are testing an algorithm based on the ability of ants to find the most efficient path to their nest.

  • Broncos Top Charts for Post-Graduation Salaries

    Data company PayScale ranks graduates of Santa Clara University in the top 1 to 5 percent of undergraduate alumni nationwide for the salaries they command after graduation through mid-career.

  • ‘A Moment of Momentum’

    Charney Hall dedication brings together generations of Santa Clara Law to usher in a new era for the school.

  • When Goliath Learns to Code

    At “Ballots and Bots,” top technology specialists and social scientists discussed how both disciplines are manipulated to impact elections—past, present and future.

  • The Second Chance Gap

    Law Professor Colleen Chien heads to Washington, D.C. to advocate for using technology to ensure individuals with criminal records get the “second chance” they’ve been promised.

  • “Even Heaven Is Not Home”

    Acclaimed author Khaled Hosseini ’88 was back on campus last week, talking Sea Prayer and the plight of refugees around the world.

  • Athletic Excellence on the Rise

    Santa Clara University’s vision to enhance the prominence and achievements of its athletics program received a strong vote of confidence, with $25 million in gifts to build a state-of-the art Athletic Excellence Center.

  • Air Quality Closure—FAQs

    With Santa Clara University classes canceled and campus closed due to air-quality issues, check the home page and FAQs for regularly updated information.

  • The Tao of Pie

    Kate McDermott ’76 picks pie as the great unifier this holiday season.

  • Undaunted

    Lizbeth Mateo J.D. ’16 came to the United States when she was 14. Now she holds state office, despite being an undocumented immigrant.

  • Sonic Landscapes

    Bruno Ruviaro and Christina Zanfagna of the Department of Music explore sound and space through the San Francisco Bay Area Sound Map.

  • Dama Reprograma

    Mariel Reyes ’02 is working to close the gender gap in Brazil's fast-growing tech sector by teaching unemployed women to code.

  • Taking Back Data

    Tech companies' reign over user data has run largely unchecked. Europe is seeking to end that with a new law. 60 Minutes highlights Max Schrems and his role in the fight.

  • Back for More

    Former Frank Sinatra chairs Anna Deavere Smith and W. Kamau Bell return to SCU for a one-day reunion Jan. 22, hosted by The Center for the Arts and Humanities.

  • Merry Christmas from SCU

    A special holiday message from President Michael E. Engh, S.J. and the Santa Clara University choir.

  • 3D View of the Future

    We broke ground on the Sobrato Campus of Discovery and Innovation this week. Pop on your Google Cardboard and step into the future of STEM at SCU.

  • Dreaming of a Green Christmas

    Americans produce 25 percent more waste over the holidays. How can you help? Lindsey Kalkbrenner ’04, MBA ’09 says start by ditching the fake tree.