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Department ofTheatre and Dance


Dean Daniel Press and Ruth Mikusko recipient of the 2023 Deans Service Award

Dean Daniel Press and Ruth Mikusko recipient of the 2023 Deans Service Award

Ruth Mikusko Recognized by the College of Arts and Sciences

Ruth Mikusko awarded the College of Arts and Sciences Dean's Service Award

College of Arts and Sciences Dean’s Service Award
In recognition of exemplary service in support of the College of Arts and Sciences. By honoring such leaders, the College demonstrates its commitment to College, University, community, and professional service as essential to our mission, governance, and enhancing our community of teaching scholars.

Ruth Mikusko has been an invaluable wealth of knowledge and efficacy for the Department of Theatre and Dance for the last eight years. Frequently described as ethical, honest, and professional, Ruth tirelessly keeps a multitude of different elements of the department running smoothly while continuing to share her time and knowledge with students to prepare them for their own careers. Her knowledge of the Academic Year Plan has rendered chairs awestruck, and she anticipates and responds to departmental needs before they arise.

Ruth has an incredible institutional memory for faculty and students—she can tell you about almost every student, when they graduated, and where they might be nowadays. She is instrumental in helping the students learn the process of application and securing performance rights—a key to their future endeavors as directors or choreographers.

She is tireless, often working above and beyond to make sure that things are taken care of in a very fast-paced environment with the added pressure of supporting faculty and staff who are teaching, directing, choreographing, designing, and building over six fully-staged productions a year on top of the regular academic support required in her position.

This past year, Ruth expanded her considerable knowledge base further by teaming up with Sandy Boyer to learn about the intricacies and challenges of our website management interface, Terminal4.