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Department ofTheatre and Dance

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“Perform meaningfully” is our invitation and challenge to students and graduates whether in acting, dance or design classes at SCU, on the Broadway stage, as artistic directors of theatre and dance companies, as professionals in Silicon Valley or as performing arts teachers in service to others.

The Department of Theatre and Dance fuels your passion for performance and prepares you to make it a meaningful lifetime commitment.

About Our Program

The Department of Theatre and Dance celebrates the creativity of the human spirit, offering a well-rounded education that leads to a bachelor of arts degree in Theatre Arts with emphasis in either theatre or dance. The department also offers minors in theatre, dance, theatre design and technology and musical theatre (an interdisciplinary minor offered in collaboration with the Department of Music). The program emphasizes academic rigor, artistic discipline, and creative expression. All students work closely with faculty and staff mentors. Majors fulfill all requirements set forth by the Undergraduate Core Curriculum, the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Department of Theatre and Dance.

About Us

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Upcoming Show: Spring Dance Festival 2024

Experience a mesmerizing performance of original student choreography, celebrating the immense talent and passion for dance of seniors Mia Kanter, Kimber Wood and Alex Zhu.


1940s black and white image of a woman running to a man overlaid in center of a photo of the same location in the  present day

Looking Forward,
Looking Back


This season's theme considers how we contend with the historical, artistic, and socio-political past while striving to make sense of our present. Our season asks, 

  • What legacies do we inherit? Which legacies do we leave behind?
  • How does comedy highlight drama? 
  • Is it possible to amend racial, gendered, and inequitable legacies of the past through present and future efforts? 
  • How does the past distort our understanding of the present and vice versa?

The year's season engages the Jesuit transcendental values of Beauty (Narrative) and Goodness (Ethics) as a critical lens to examine time (linear and non-linear forms), history (the stories we tell others/ the stories we tell ourselves), and destiny.

SCU Student Free Ticket Program

With the goal of making the Arts more accessible, and in keeping with the University's Jesuit mission and values, SCU launched a pilot program for the 2023-24 academic year that gives SCU students free admission to all performances of the Departments of Theatre and Dance, and Music.  Look for the symbols on the SCU•Presents website.

SCU free student arts access logos for theatre and dance shows


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Beyond the Classroom

Group of students and faculty in an immersion trip to NewYork
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Students practicing theatre and dance
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