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Crunching the Business Curriculum

With ‘business as usual’ driving climate catastrophe, many business schools are seeking to question, redesign, and replace some portion of their curricular offerings.


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    Canadian Business Youth Council for Sustainable Development

    “‘Our future, our business.’ Over 65 Canadian youth organizations, representing over 500 young leaders have united from coast to coast to build a manifesto filled with 20 statements on the most important topics in sustainability and the future of business.”


25 Years Ago I Coined the Phrase “Triple Bottom Line.” Here’s Why It’s Time to Rethink It | Harvard Business Review

The phrase was created to encourage business leaders to expand their focus from solely making a profit to “improving the lives of people and the health of the planet. But 25 years later, this radical goal has been largely forgotten, and ‘triple bottom line’ thinking has been reduced to a mere accounting tool, a way of balancing tradeoffs instead of actually doing things differently.” Author: John Elkington, published June 25, 2018


GDP is Not a Measure of Human Well-Being | Harvard Business Review

Relying on Gross Domestic Product to measure development “ignores the negative effects of economic growth on society, such as climate change and income inequality… For example, GDP takes a positive count of the cars we produce but does not account for the emissions they generate.” Authors: Amit Kapoor and Bibek Debroy, published October 4, 2019


Why Business Schools Need to Teach Sustainability | Inc.

Students are demanding sustainability programs. One study found that 93% of students believe “focusing on social and environmental issues is very important or essential to a business' long-term success.” Author: Maureen Kline, published June 25, 2015

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