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Land and Labor Acknowledgements



tUrn acknowledges that at Santa Clara University

we work, teach and study on the traditional lands of the Ohlone & Muwekma OhloneWe recognize that U.S. public policy and Church Decrees have been used to displace Indigenous communities, erode Tribal Nation sovereignty, and forcibly assimilate Native individuals into U.S. society.

We honor all of the Indigenous nations and their land with great gratitude and acknowledge the genocide against and continuous displacement of Indigenous peoples. We affirm Indigenous sovereignty and the living, resilient presence of Ohlone and Muwekma Ohlone peoples throughout this region.



We acknowledge the labor of enslaved Africans and their descendants who worked this stolen land for the colonists, and who continue to disproportionately face economic oppression, racism, violence, and exploitation.

We share these acknowledgements to encourage all of us here in the
tUrn project to consider how our work and learning in this space and in our daily lives can address these historic and contemporary atrocities perpetuated against Native and African diaspora peoples and communities.

We invite everyone in this space to recognize their ancestors and the forces of history that brought them here, as well as the work they are engaged in to support our collective liberation and the liberation of future generations especially on behalf of all Black, Indigenous and all other people of color.