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welcome to


welcome to tUrn! click on pic for 6 min video orientation

from director Kristin Kusanovich

Enjoy this 6-minute orientation to tUrn

from director Kristin Kusanovich

we've held four tUrn events so far, and we've had an extraordinary tUrn out...4000+ attendees! 

Join us:  October 11-15, 2021

for tUrn5 

what is tUrn ?

an invitation to all members of higher education institutions

and partner networks, alumni & community members 

to lean in to the climate crisis

because it is time.

and we must.


whose tUrn is it?

tUrn offers an invitation for everyone,

from artists to scientists, from economists to

ecologists, to shape one lecture, meeting, or event

to address climate crisis during tUrn weeks

or attend a tUrn event.


what are the 3 facets of tUrn ?

H E A D L I N E R S + R E S O U R C E S + P A R T N E R S


who is tUrn for?

people who understand that only together,

with time and space to learn,

contemplate, converse, and activate new behaviors and actions,

can we make a u-turn for the planet and future generations.


who is in charge of tUrn?

everyone. meaning U.

honoring indigenous perspectives, child/youth activists, immigrants/refugees

and women/people of color as knowledge bearers in this fight of all fights.

calling all non-climate change specialists to the stage.

be creative. be innovative. facilitate.


where does tUrn take place? 

At present we are all online on ZOOM. 

Check out all the HEADLINERS and RSVP for each.

A ZOOM meeting code will be emailed to you

Thank you to EVERYONE for helping make a u-turn for the planet

while we make your U an even more sustainable venture. 

See you there! 


Special thanks to the Santa Clara University College of Arts & Sciences, Center for Sustainability, tUrn Climate Crisis Research Group, Environmental Justice and the Common Good, Faculty Development Group, Sustainability Liaisons, SLURP, the Jean Donovan Fellows program of the Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education, Center for the Arts & Humanities, our spring and summer student research intUrns Emily Pachoud, Eemon Ghasemiyeh, Sarah Danon, Bates Detwiler, Amanda Harvey, Gloria Karekezi, Kimber Woods, Chanel Bullock, Hannah Trillo and Amber Persson & all of the tUrn PARTNERS


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C O N T A C T    U S