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W E D N E S D A Y   T H E M E S  

P R I N T ,  P O W E R   &  P O P E S 

journalism  | disinformation| renewables | laudato si' marathon

each headliner has a unique RSVP below, and includes live moderation, live speakers or video screenings, and audience interaction.

   tree suffering from drought in Amazon rainforest burning   Alumna wrapped in red blanket reads Laudato Si under a tree  




9:15–10:15 AM tUrn JOURNALISM HOUR                     

DEBUNKING MYTHS:  Refutational Journalism in the Climate Denial Age 

Dana Nuccitelli, Yale Climate Connections, 

DANA NUCCITELLI delineates some of the big climate myths of our day, their power, their pervasiveness, and how he demotes denialism one problematic assertion at a time on behalf of truth and various journalistic outlets. Dana is an environmental scientist, climate journalist for Yale Climate Connections, and the author of Climatology versus Pseudoscience. He received the National Center for Science Education's Friend of the Planet Award in 2016 for his writing on climate change with The Guardian.



10:30–11:30 AM tUrn RENEWABLE ENERGY HOUR             

WIND, SOLAR & CLEAN POWER: A State by State Analysis

Stephanie Hughes, Chemical Engineer and consultant to California local government agencies.       

STEPHANIE HUGHES is a senior lecturer at SCU’s Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences. She earned Masters degrees in both chemical engineering and environmental engineering from Stanford, and has twenty five years professional experience as a registered chemical engineer. Stephanie enjoys teaching a wide range of courses involving energy, water, waste and environmental technologies. She has broad technical experience in air and water quality, including pollutant source characterization, chemical fate and transport, water and wastewater treatment, and regulatory permit compliance. She encourages her students to think about our energy, mineral and water use as well as the materials (and industrial chemicals) we constantly consume, toss out, and flush.

Hughes continues to provide consulting services to Bay Area municiplaties and utilities. Most of her current work is in water quality, assessing impacts and sources of heavy metals, pesticides, and salts into wastewater and stormwater systems. Past consulting experience includes managing water resources planning and design projects for California municipalities and special districts, including recycled water infrastructure, ocean and inland desalination, permitting compliance, and Integrated Regional Water Management Plans. She also served as Source Control Manager for the City of Palo Alto where she  initiated a mercury pollution prevention program; developed the Sewer Science high school laboratory program; facilitated a stakeholder analysis of endocrine disruptors in reclaimed water; and co-authored a white paper regarding environmental fate of triclosan.

RSVP for WIND, SOLAR & CLEAN 10:30-11:30 AM




Pope Francis’ encyclical on Care for our Common Home         

WHY NINE HOURS of LAUDATO SI’? : 1 hour for each year remaining in this critical decade for a just transition by 2030  

This marathon reading is a centerpiece of every tUrn week. In Spring 2021 we will have a total of 27 different readers. Drop in throughout the day and evening to witness any part of it at anytime. 

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To download the text of Laudato Si' click here: GET LAUDATO SI'
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Thank you for being a part of this as a listener or reader or both!


WEDNESDAY 8:30-9:30 PM

tUrn CLIMATE ACTION POWER HOUR hosted by Emily Pachoud and Eemon Ghasemiyeh

Attended a Wednesday HEADLINER and want to meet reflect with others? 

Meet at 8:30 PM Wednesday to connect with others, and achieve concrete advocacy tasks together around the day’s themes and action items – be guided in using on-line tools for climate advocacy and hang out with some like-minded climate leaders. We'll drop in for a few minutes on the Laudato Si' reading and then spend some time brainstorming and taking some small but important steps.

Help drawdown global warming one choice, one advocacy strategy, and one civic engagement move at a time.

RSVP for ANY CLIMATE ACTION POWER HOUR any evening during tUrn week at this link