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T H E  B U S I N E S S ,  F O O D  &  S C I E N C E  o f  D R A W D O W N   

business partnerships | finance/development | consulting | curriculum | project drawdown | plant-based diets | overview of global warming | creative climate youth session | climate action power hour at 8:30pm

each headliner has a unique RSVP below, and includes live moderation, live speakers or video screenings, and audience interaction. 

 Tuesday at a glance...  

Leila Surratt               

Leila Surratt | Ade Okuwoga | Holly Syratt |Pamela Gordon | Nancy E. Landrum | Andrew Winston | Chad Frishman | Mamta Mehra | Mohan Gurunathan | Andrew Gunther | Jacqueline Ramirez | Sofia Sandoval Larco | Loba with Flora Pacha

20 APR


8:45-10:00 (PST)

BUSINESS PANEL I                  

PROMOTING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT through PUBLIC/PRIVATE PARTNERSHIPS: Innovative solutions in the industrial and textile sectors in Kenya and Bangladesh

A World Resources Institute Panel

Leila Yim Surratt, Director of Strategy and Engagement, P4G, Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals 2030 World Resources Institute

Ade Okuwoga, Project Development Lead and Founder, Savo Project Developers

Holly Syrett, Senior Sustainability Manager at Global Fashion Agenda in Denmark |  Circular Fashion Partnerships

Partnerships between business, government and civil society are crucial to meet the challenge of climate change. This session will show how economic development and environmental sustainability can go hand-in-hand, using examples of innovative green growth models from Kenya and Bangladesh.

LEILA SURRATT is Director of Strategy and Engagement, P4G, the Partnering for Green Growth and Global Goals 2030 Initiative, and a seasoned professional with extensive U.S. and international management and environmental policy experience in the nonprofit, public and private sectors. As Head of Strategy and Engagement for Partnering for Green Growth and Globals Goals at the World Resources Institute (WRI), Leila leads the effort to support developing countries in Latin America, Africa and Asia pursue green growth strategies in energy, water, agriculture, cities and circular economy. 

ADE OKUWOGA is a Founder & Project Development Lead with Savo. He brings commercial, technical and entrepreneurial expertise overseeing Savo’s West African and Ethiopian operations and project pipeline . Previously, Ade led SYSTEMIQ’s project development team in Ethiopia, worked in strategy with McKinsey & Company, in Oil and Gas Strategy with Chevron in Nigeria and at the UN Industrial Energy Efficiency in Vienna. Ade holds a Master’s in Sustainable Energy from Imperial College London and a Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering from University College London. He has extensive experience working with private and public institutions in sub-Saharan Africa.

HOLLY SYRETT joined Global Fashion Agenda as Senior Sustainability Manager in May 2020 to mobilise and guide the fashion industry to take bold action on sustainability. In her role, she is responsible for researching, project leading and writing new and existing GFA publications, commitments and reports such as the CEO Agenda. Syrett is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, Climate Reality Leader, and she holds a BA in Fashion and Branding from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute. As part of the Global Shapers’ Community, she co-founded the Shaping Fashion movement that is now active in 50+ cities worldwide.

Moderated by Drew Descourouez (SCU'20), Co-Founder of Zarella, with Alexa DeSanctis (SCU'20)



10:30-11:30 (PST)


MANAGING for an UNCERTAIN FUTURE: Consulting and Curriculum for Sustainable Business Leadership

Pamela J. Gordon, Managing Director, PGS Consultants, Presidio Graduate School’s Management Consultancy. Why would a graduate school embedding sustainable solutions in each course build a management consultancy? Learn how Presidio Graduate School brings its mission --providing students with the skills, tools, and network to thrive in today’s world and lead the way in an uncertain future -- to organizations through PGS Consults.

Nancy E. Landrum, Ph.D., Professor of Sustainability Management, Loyola University Chicago Quinlan School of Business & School of Environmental Sustainability. What is the role of Jesuit Colleges and Universities in implementing curriculum that reflects full cognition of the climate crisis?

Andrew Winston, Author of The Big Pivot, Green to Gold and Green Recovery. How can we inspire businesses to build a thriving world?

PAMELA J. GORDON is Managing Director of PGS Consults, the sustainability management consultancy at Presidio Graduate School. There she deploys Presidio’s sustainability thought leaders to solve organizations' needs for profitable, responsible solutions. Herself an acclaimed sustainability consultant and speaker, she has trained more than one thousand product designers in Eco-Design and Circular Economy, and is an award-winning author of books and articles on the intersection of environmental-and-social sustainability and business value. Pamela grew up in Silicon Valley in a family of engineers and backpackers, earned her degree at San Jose State University, and founded the consultancy Technology Forecasters Inc. to help electronics companies build responsible supply chains. After the publication of her book Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment, she expanded her firm's services to include profitable sustainability strategies. She has guest lectured at Presidio, Santa Clara University, and a dozen more universities.

Author, Lean and Green: Profit for Your Workplace and the Environment

NANCY LANDRUM, Ph.D., is Professor of Sustainability Management at Loyola University Chicago, Quinlan School of Business & School of Environmental Sustainability. Professor Landrum's work focuses on sustainability management,  circular economy, strong sustainability, and base of the pyramid strategies. She served as a Fulbright Specialist in Malaysia and has been a visiting scholar in Germany, Finland, Netherlands, England, and China. Dr. Landrum is co-author of Sustainable Business: An Executive’s Primer. She has received awards for sustainability research, teaching, and service, including 2011 Eco-Hero in the state of Arkansas. Dr. Landrum seeks to educate current and future business leaders for a sustainable world. 
ANDREW WINSTON is a globally recognized expert on megatrends and how to build resilient, profitable companies by helping people and planet thrive. He is one of the most widely read writers on sustainable business in the world. His first book, Green to Gold, one of the best-selling green business titles ever, has reached more than 100,000 people in seven languages. Andrew was selected for Thinkers50 Radar list of 30 thinkers to watch in 2020.” He’s been quoted in or appeared in major media such as Bloomberg, The Wall Street JournalTime, BusinessWeek, New York Times, and CNBC. His views on strategy have been sought after by many of the world’s leading companies, including 3M, DuPont, HP, Ingersoll Rand, J&J, Kimberly-Clark, Marriott, PepsiCo, PwC, and Unilever.

RSVP for BUSINESS PANEL II  Business Consulting & Business Curriculum 10:30-11:30 AM 


12:15–1:15 PM               

BUILDING A REGENERATIVE FUTURE with PROJECT DRAWDOWN: Science and Solutions for People and Planet

with Chad Frischmann, Senior Director, Research & Technology, and Mamta Mehra, Senior Fellow for Project Drawdown.

Explore the cascading benefits of solutions that address climate change and other global challenges to create a path for a regenerative future.

Moderated by Kristin Kusanovich, Kimber Wood & Jim Simon (Gonzaga)

Co-presented with Gonzaga University Office of Sustainability & Gonzaga Environmental Organization [GEO].

CHAD FRISCHMANN is the co-author, lead researcher and principal architect of the methodology and models behind the New York Times best-seller Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming (Penguin, 2017) and the Drawdown Review (February, 2020). Leading a global team of researchers, Chad designed integrated global models to assess the world’s most effective climate solutions and determine if, when, and how the world can reach “drawdown,” the point in time when the concentration of atmospheric greenhouse gases begins to decline on a year-to-year basis. As head of research and technology since Project Drawdown’s inception, Chad is a key spokesperson and coalition-builder dedicated to sharing the message and model of the Drawdown Framework to the world. Chad’s interdisciplinary background in public policy, human rights, sustainable development, and environmental conservation, informs his work as a systems strategist to build a new, regenerative future with cascading benefits to human and planetary well-being. Full bio. available at Project Drawdown.

MAMTA MEHRA, Ph.D. is an environmental professional with more than eleven years of expertise in climate change, agriculture, and natural resource management. Currently, Dr. Mehra is working with Project Drawdown as a Senior Fellow and Research Program officer, where she is focusing on Drawdown solutions in the Land Use and Food sectors and managing the research fellowship program. She is also working as an independent consultant and working with various national and international organizations on climate change issues and is one of the senior analysts of the Keeling Curve Prize. Previously, Dr. Mehra worked in different research capacities for Swiss Aid, UNDP-Australian Aid, and World Bank. Dr. Mehra has authored many peer reviewed papers and is one of the contributors to the New York Times bestseller book, “Drawdown: The Most Comprehensive Plan Ever Proposed to Reverse Global Warming”.



2:00–3:20 PM                 

TASTE & TEXTURE:  Why Food is our Super Power for Climate Action Success

and WHY CHANGING YOUR DIET is the Best Way to Protect the Planet

with Mohan Gurunathan, Environmental Researcher and Educator.   

Explore why we need to swiftly adopt more plant-based diets. In this session we will learn how we can prioritize and accelerate critical and urgent climate action through scaling up healthy, joyous, ethical eating practices.            

Moderated by Kristin Kusanovich and Emily Pachoud

Co-presented with Loyola Chicago Jesuit Community Green Team.

MOHAN GURUNATHAN is an engineer, entrepreneur and activist who has lived and worked in Silicon Valley for over 20 years.  Around 7 years ago he became keenly interested in getting a better understanding of climate change, the environment and food sustainability.  He has researched these topics in depth and shared his knowledge with the community via numerous public talks and published articles.  Mohan acts as an advisor to several environmental and animal advocacy non-profits.  He lives in Mountain View, with his wife and two young daughters.

RSVP for TASTE & TEXTURE: Changing your Diet. 2:00-3:20 PM


4:00–5:20 PM                                                                                                                                                        


with CLIMATE REALITY LEADER Andrew Gunther, Founder, Center for Ecosystem Management & Restoration

DR. ANDREW GUNTHER received his Ph.D. in Energy and Resources from the University of California at Berkeley in 1987, and he has worked at the intersection of environmental science and policy since 1979. He has extensive experience in applying science to the development of air, water, and endangered species policy, and for the past several years has been working with a broad array of organizations to help prepare our region for a changing climate. He served as Assistant Chief Scientist for the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Restoration Program, and he was the first manager of the State of California’s program that monitors for toxic substances in San Francisco Bay. In 2017, Andy became the ninth person to win Jean Auer Environmental Award from the San Francisco Estuary Partnership, which honors his “significant contribution toward improving environmental quality in the Bay-Delta Estuary.”

He was recently appointed by California Governor Gavin Newsom to the San Francisco Bay Regional Water Quality Control Board. He also serves on the Bay Conservation and Development Commission, and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Moderated by Kristin Kusanovich and Kimber Wood

Co-Presented with Seattle University Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability.




6:00-6:45 PM      SESIÓN EN ESPAÑOL y INGLES               


An environmental justice project for youth creators & protectors / 

Un proyecto de justicia ambiental para jóvenes creadores y protectors

Presentation by Santa Maria Urban Ministries youth and SCU teaching artists Sarah Stoddard and Maliah Joseph with introductions by Jacqueline Ramirez and Alfonzo Menendez

Students from 1st to 8th grade who attend the afterschool program at SMUM in downtown San Jose have been exploring questions about sustainability, society, their neighborhoods, and science using the visual and performing arts.  They have developed questions about climate justice and oceans and focused on stories from the points of view of animals to help people understand climate justice. In this special session that brings their work, voices and families together with tUrn attendees at SCU, we will see moments from the process in a video made just for tUrn and hear about their ways of telling an important part of the climate justice story. 

This community-based, environmental justice project invited children/youth/families from Santa Maria Urban Ministries programs in the greater Washington neighborhood of San Jose to imagine themselves as artistic creators and protectors of the climate. Via a video created to capture the creative process, the children present their creations, discoveries and advocacy plans in the first youth-led tUrn Climate Creativity headliner at SCU. 

Co-presented with Santa Clara University Child Studies Program & Santa Maria Urban Ministries. Special thanks to Alfonso Menendez, Director of SMUM, and Jacqueline Ramirez, Ignatian Center Arrupe Program Liaison at SMUM, Omar Padilla, Child Studies and David Sul, Sul & Associates, International.

Project made possible by a research grant from the Environmental Justice and the Common Good Initiative at SCU.

RSVP for Creative Climate | Creatividad Climática 6:00-7:00 PM



7:15-8:15 PM                                                                                                                                                        

ABUELITA KNOWLEDGE IN ACTION: Re-membering & Practicing Ancestral Skills

Join Loba of Flora Pacha to talk about traditional land care methods pertaining to the Andean region, as well as look into Queer Land Stewardship projects. Though a Queer, feminist and de-colonial lens, we will discus strategies towards a more balanced future.

The focus of this workshop is to provide a grounding space for students during these hard times. We will be going over herbal medicine to support our bodies, souls, spirits as well as creating a self/community care plan. All attendants will be provided with a zine that walks people through planning and integrating daily care rituals! This workshop will also have a component on kitchen magic; we will show easy ways to integrate immunity boosting and nutritious spices and foods as we prepare nourishment. The goal of this workshop is for participants to leave with tools and skills that allow them to better care for themselves and community.

LOBA (they/loba) is a Queer, GNC, migrant Peruvian agroculturalist, seed saver, writer, educator, herbalist, full spectrum birth worker, podcaster at @wildweedspodcast and patreon content creator at patreon/com/lalobaloca. Currently based in so-called NM, Loba is the co-founder of the Bloom + Change Queer Land Project. Loba is interested on sharing skills and disseminating knowledge that allow people to depend a little less on the big systems and depend more on each other. 

Moderated by Emily Pachoud

Co-presented by SCU ENACT Students for Environmental Justice 

 Rainbow Resource Center & Office of Multicultural Learning

RSVP for LOBA | FLORA PACHA  7:15-8:15 PM 


TUESDAY 8:30-9:30 PM

tUrn CLIMATE ACTION POWER HOUR hosted by Emily Pachoud and Eemon Ghasemiyeh

Attended a Tuesday HEADLINER and want to meet reflect with others? 

Meet at 8:30 PM Tuesday to connect with others, and achieve concrete advocacy tasks together around the day’s themes and action items – be guided in using on-line tools for climate advocacy and hang out with some like-minded climate leaders.

Help drawdown global warming one choice, one advocacy strategy, and one civic engagement move at a time.

RSVP for ANY CLIMATE ACTION POWER HOUR any evening during tUrn week at this link  


 a train and green building projects 

The Green New Deal by Artist Jordan Johnson, Austin, TX available at CreativeAction.Network