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tuesday headliners

theme: business, food, and island nations


All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). To learn more and RSVP, click on an individual event.


  • 9:00-10:00 AM
    Apr 19
    Business School Curriculum Debate: Making or Breaking Sustainability?

    Ground view of tall grey skyscrapers in city financial district

    Moderators & judges: Dr. Hooria Jazaieri and Dr. Deirdre Frontczak

    Given that the earth is on its way to becoming hotter than a pizza oven for our offspring, students thought it would be good to debate the pros and cons of “crunching” the business school curriculum to ensure a liveable planet. Crunching is here defined as changing 30% of the courses in the business core to address the climate crisis and climate justice.

    Is it time to crunch the curriculum? Or not? This debate is going on throughout many countries of the world that still teach the classical economic theory of the primacy of shareholder wealth. Join us for a discussion with leaders in business education.

  • 10:30-11:30 AM
    Apr 19
    Spirit Moving: Interfaith Panel on Climate Action

    Several brightly burning candles and some dried leaves next to a window

    With Nana Firman from GreenFaith on Muslim Perspectives on Climate Action, Michal Strutin from Dayenu: A Jewish Call to Climate Action, and Anna Robertson, the Director of Youth and Young Adult Outreach with Catholic Climate Covenent in Washington, D.C. 

    Which climate groups are the largest in the world? The most powerful? Providing the most hope? Are these exclusive categories? Learn from representatives of GreenFaith, Dayenu and Catholic Climate Covenant, how Muslim, Jewish and Christian environmental networks are motivated to prioritize climate action, climate justice and climate hope as members of religiously-affiliated communities.

    This panel will explore how compassion, a vibrant spiritual life, and a grounding in contemporary social problems and scientific realities comes together to promote agency, urgency, and a better relation with God, the Ultimate, and the Universe. Learn how, through that understanding and experience, world-saving relationships with humans, the earth, nature and all sentient beings are being forged.

    Moderated by Emily Pachoud, tUrn Student Researcher

  • 12:15-1:30 PM
    Apr 19
    Climate Crisis as Public Health Crisis: Panel I

    Graph of confirmed COVID cases over time with a map of the Earth with red splotches of high temperature in the background

    Graph: Financial Times analysis of global COVID-19 data updated 3/22/22; Map: NASA, 2021 Continued Earth’s Warming Trend

    with Dr. Craig Stephens

    This panel of climate health professionals and researchers, facilitated by Dr. Craig Stephens, SCU, Public Health, implores us to understand how the health of marginalized groups is even more susceptible to the changes some humans have wrought, and how implementing ambitious climate actions will bring about health benefits that profoundly outweigh any present-day financial costs.

  • 2:00-3:15 PM
    Apr 19
    American Indian Movement and Land Back

    Landscape of green hills and blue sky


    Indigenous Keynote with Shannon Rivers, Akimel O’otham

    Shannon Rivers, member of the O’otham tribe in the area known as Arizona, and Director of Programming for the American Indian Resurgence initiative in Los Angeles, shares notes from resilient people familiar with climates in crisis, explains where today’s AIM is going, and what part privileged, land-”owning” people can play in the ongoing Land Back movements.

  • 4:00-5:30 PM
    Apr 19
    The Earth on your Plate: Why Diet Change is Essential to Save our Planet

    A plant based bowl with chickpeas pita olives peppers and other veggies sitting on a table

    with Mohan Gurunathan, Environmental Researcher and Educator

    Explore why we need to swiftly adopt more plant-based diets to save the Earth and her ecosystems. In this session we will learn how we can prioritize and accelerate critical and urgent climate action through scaling up healthy, joyous, ethical eating practices. A tUrn crowd favorite that will uproot any notions that promoting higher food chain consumption industries or practices are somehow solutions to larger-scale matters of world hunger, water scarcity or species extinction.

  • 6:00-7:30 PM
    Apr 19
    From Ridge to Reef: Climate Stories from the Philippines

    Overhead view the Philippine municipality of El Nido with mountains and coral reefs visible through the turquoise waters

    Panelists: Giovanni Soliman B. Reyes, Pedro Walpole, S.J., PhD, Pamela Nina Cabacungan, Laurice "Lau" Jamero, PhD; moderated by C. Kendra Gotangco Gonzales

    The Philippines is considered as highly at-risk to climate change, given its exposure to extreme weather events and reliance on climate-sensitive resources and industries. Join us for a panel presentation by the Ateneo Institute of Sustainability in a discussion of climate issues in different sectors, traversing its impacts on upland indigenous peoples and forestry and farming ecosystems, urban populations, and coastal and small island communities. We will also explore how multi-sectoral collaborations, particularly those between universities and inter-sectoral enterprises, can mobilize and enhance climate action.

  • 8:00-9:00 PM
    Apr 19
    Climate Action Power Hour

    Photoshopped photo of Eemon Ghasemiyeh and Emily Pachoud holding a banner in front of the state capitol building

    with Emily Pachoud ('23) and Eemon Ghasemiyeh ('22)

    Reflect on the day, hear a summary of all of the great climate action advice, and flex some climate justice advocacy muscle in an atmosphere of supportive and committed people who have the courage to care.

  • 9:15-10:00 PM
    Apr 19
    Late Night Reflection and Student Peer Support

    Light bulb sitting on a desk dimly glows next to an open notepad

    with Lauren Kelley and Emma Somers

    After you do the fun hard work of the 8pm Power Hour, or if you are just needing a study break, enjoy hot cocoa at 9:15 pm and a simple and supportive format for sharing your feelings about your experiences with tUrn headliners today with trained facilitators from Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education. Students only. No RSVP necessary. Just use your SCU ID to enter the library and come to the third floor.