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h e a d l i n e r s

Headliners & RSVPs

Still from "ZONA", Coral Reef Section, Feb 2020 at the Louis B. Mayer Theatre,

a dance about our propensity to both cause—as well as mourn—the devastation of nature.



tUrn HEADLINERS take a look at climate crisis from various academic, disciplinary and practitioner perspectives and help develop an awareness of the issues and possibilities for drawing down global warming and bringing all species, cultures and the whole human family forward as we do it.


HEADLINERS are being developed for Oct 12–16.

If you are interested in collaborating, please contact us at:

For tUrn in autumn 2020 we welcome all voices, and are wishing to learn about the climate crisis both as it pertains to members of the following groups and directly from the perspectives of:

  • indigenous persons and groups
  • children/youth activists
  • immigrants/refugees
  • people of color
  • women
  • persons with disabilities
  • persons identifying as LGBTQ+
  • farmers/agricultural workers
  • religious minorities
  • oceanographers
  • leaders of climate action groups
  • city/county/state climate advocates
  • divestment specialists
  • health/medical/healing experts
  • neighborhood leaders and small business owners
  • global-level climate action and multilateral coordinators
  • lawyers and legal advocates
  • candidates & reps of candidates on the Nov 2020 ballot for Congress, Senate, Governor and President
  • artists/natural and social scientists/economists/engineers/educators/humanists
  • and more...


Welcoming all those who negotiate their climate action work within intersections of any of the above groups.