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"nothing in this world is indifferent to us"

laudato si' under a tree

laudato si'

Laudato Si' On Care for our Common Home, Pope Frances's environmental encyclical, is a throughline for many tUrn events. The 77-page document is an amazing blend of secular concerns, poetic elements, and Christian language, imagery and prayers.

We have decided that since the scientific community has posited that we have 12 years to turn the trajectory of global warming downward, we will read for one hour for each year we supposedly have left in this unprecedented window of time to galvanize every heart, mind and soul toward active, educated engagement in solutions.

Laudato Si' Under a Tree is a 12-hour continuous reading of the text that takes place in the Mission Gardens near Varsi Hall.

Fr. Kevin O'Brien, S.J., President of Santa Clara University, will open the event and begin the reading, followed by 35 additional readers picking up where the previous reader left off after 20 minute intervals throughout the day.

Folding chairs will be available for those witnessing any moments, minutes or hours. Reader area (under tree) and witness area (sidewalk) are both wheel-chair accessible.

To be considered as a reader, kindly fill out this form and we will be in touch.