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A black circle with the word turn with a red letter U next to the words tUrn Climate Crisis Awareness & Action

"nothing in this world is indifferent to us"

laudato si' under a tree

laudato si'

Laudato Si' 2.0

THURS OCT 12, 2023 from 12 PM to 7 PM on campus at Santa Clara University near the Library & SCDI Building


We will read the 87-page 2015 Papal Encyclical,

Laudato Si'—On Care for our Common Home—

and the 15-page, newly released update to

Laudato Si' entitled Laudato Deum.

Laudato Si' serves as a foundational document for

tUrn Climate Crisis Awareness & Action

and for many SCU initiatives. 

Reading it outdoors 

is central to 

feeling it.

This work challenges us to renew our commitment

and restore balance in all of our relationships to each other,

to all living things, and to the future.

Laudato Deum, just published Oct 4, 2023,

brings forward an even stronger

critique and call to action in a 

climate crisis.

Why 7 hours?

According to almost the entire scientific community,

to drawdown global warming such that we do not enter an inescapable,

accelerated warming loop, or pass other tipping points that would devastate

life as we know it, we need to act urgently before 2030.

We, who are living in this unprecedented window of time

can either become informed and move into generous,

unprecedented, just, grounded action,

or we can be passive at a time

when every move we make


Come hear 21 different readers' voices

bringing words into being.

Would you like to join us and listen?

Or offer your voice during a 20-minute reading slot?


Here are the texts:

Laudato Si' and Laudato Deum.

Thank you for being a part of this as a listener or reader or both!

We hope you can gaze at 

a tree while hearing

Laudato Si' and