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thursday headliners

theme: health, listening, oceans, law, and Kabul


All times are listed in Pacific Daylight Time (PDT). To learn more and RSVP, click on an individual event.


  • 8:30-10:00 AM
    Apr 21
    Climate Crisis as Public Health Crisis: Panel II

    Profile photos of Mohan Gurunathan, Yolanda Whyte, MD, and Abdulhadi Achakzai next to a stethoscope

    with Mohan Gurunathan, Yolanda Whyte, M.D., and Abdulhadi Achakzai

    Meet tUrn partners working in the Bay Area, Atlanta, and Kabul thinking big about the complexities of public health in a destabilizing climate. Learn what these remarkable thought leaders are doing to solve problems of high food chain habits in California, racial and health injustices in Georgia, and the demand for public health campaigns across every region of contemporary Afghanistan.

  • 10:30-11:45 AM
    Apr 21
    Deep Listening Session for tUrn Attendees: Climate Hope & Spirituality

    Profile photos of Jean Ponder Soto and Bob Dueweke outside with a grassy field in the background


    with Dr. Jean Ponder Soto and Fr. Robert Dueweke, OSA, PhD.

    This session turns the tables on a typical conference session and invites tUrn attendees to listen deeply to each other and to speak from their own depths. This session is in a Synod style suggested by Pope Francis. With climate chaos worsening, but awareness and action growing, how do hope and despair intertwine for us today? What are our communal dreams? How might we strengthen the spirit and the will?

    Jean and Bob are members of the global advisory council for tUrn and are here to listen and learn. Ideas generated from this creative brainstorming session will be shared, without attribution, with Pope Frances, as a part of the Synod process he has initiated throughout the world. This is a multi-faith session.

  • 12:15-1:45 PM
    Apr 21
    Eco-Calm: An Outdoor Mindfulness Workshop

    Peaceful waterfall flowing into a river surrounded by green forest trees

    with Katie Peuvrelle, Performance Coach

    Tune in to some good emotional and embodied work to help you breathe, sit, move, stretch, draw, and vocalize your way to better health in stress-filled times. An outdoor- and in-the-soil experience.

  • 2:00-3:30 PM
    Apr 21 In-person presentation in SCDI 1308 (STEM bldg next to library) & on zoom
    From the Ocean Floor to the Sun: The Science behind the NOAA Ocean Reports

    Rocks on the ocean floor with sun rays streaming through the surface

    with Dr. Tracy Fanara

    Tracy Fanara is an Environmental Engineer and currently the Coastal Modeling Manager for the National Ocean Service of the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Her work previously as a Program Manager/Researcher at Mote Marine Laboratory and as a leading Science Communicator has given her unique perspective on protecting public health and environment in a changing world. Dr. Fanara moves from science to story with ease through her mission, Inspector Planet, focused on research and education through camps, presentations, books, and internships. This talk will help us perceive the state of the blue depths in new ways.

  • 5:00-6:15 PM
    Apr 21
    Environmental Law Society Panel

    Profile photos of LaTricea Adams, Jaime Lee, and David Sandino with a law building in the background

    Speakers: LaTricea Adams, CEO of Black Millennials for Flint, Professor Jaime Lee, University of Baltimore and Professor David Sandino, JD, SCU Law School.

    The graduate student Environmental Law Society of SCU presents a panel on centering marginalized people and voices through climate justice. LaTricea Adams, who is the CEO of Black Millennials for Flint [BM4F] directs this national environmental justice and civil rights organization for the purpose of bringing like-minded organizations together to collectively take action and advocate against the crisis of lead exposure, specifically in African American & Latinx communities throughout the nation. Professor Jaime Lee of the University of Baltimore presents Turning Participation into Power: a case study on the ins and outs of water justice and how this revamped model of participatory governance—the Constituent Empowerment Model—could affirmatively and effectively shift power to the voices of marginalized constituents. Law professor David Sandino was Chief Counsel for the California Department of Water Resources that operates the largest state-built water system in the United States, the State Water Project, which delivers water to 25 million Californians and 750,000 acres of farmland. He will speak from his experiences assessing environmental water quality standards and teaching water law, environmental law, energy resources law, real property and local government law and policy.

    Moderated by Simiran Chandra, SCU L3 Graduate Student and Co-President Environmental Law Society

  • 7:00-8:00 PM
    Apr 21
    Environmental Volunteer Network: Reports from Kabul, Afghanistan

    Dozens of volunteers in the organization EVN stand for a photo outside on the steps of a building

    with Abdulhadi Achakzai, CEO

    Enjoy a conversation between the director of EVN, Afghanistan’s only environmental civil society, and tUrn intern and Afghanistan Subcommittee leader, Eemon Ghasemiyeh ‘22. Learn how much one organization, with 1400 members networked across all regions of Afghanistan, facing incredible odds, can do to improve quality of life for families, neighborhoods, cities, country and the world. EVN is a Paris Committee for Capacity-building Network partner with tUrn, and hosts the largest tUrn week in the world.


  • 8:00-9:00 PM
    Apr 21
    Climate Action Power Hour

    Photoshopped photo of Eemon Ghasemiyeh and Emily Pachoud holding a banner in front of the state capitol building

    with Emily Pachoud ('23) and Eemon Ghasemiyeh ('22)

    Reflect on the day, hear a summary of all of the great climate action advice, and flex some climate justice advocacy muscle in an atmosphere of supportive and committed people who have the courage to care.

  • 9:15-10:00 PM
    Apr 21
    Late Night Reflection and Student Peer Support

    Light bulb sitting on a desk dimly glows next to an open notepad

    with Lauren Kelley and Emma Somers

    After you do the fun hard work of the 8pm Power Hour, or if you are just needing a study break, enjoy hot cocoa at 9:15 pm and a simple and supportive format for sharing your feelings about your experiences with tUrn headliners today with trained facilitators from Ignatian Center for Jesuit Education. Students only. No RSVP necessary. Just use your SCU ID to enter the library and come to the third floor.