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thursday headliners are at 8:30am (PHILOSOPHY | SCYTHING); 10:30am (U.N. SDGs);  2pm (HEALTH  | ECO-ANXIETY); 4pm (HEALTH | ADDICTION/RECOVERY); 6pm (LAW) and climate action power hour is 8-9pm


14 OCT    


Mowing with a Scythe:

Everyday tasks, Laudato Si', and the moral and environmental imperative for performing goodness

with Jakub Synowiec         

This talk explains how pausing to question ourselves in the midst of everyday tasks can lead to revelations, what leveling with Laudato Si' does in the broader context of one's faith, and why public acts of greater goodness are morally ok.                                   

JAKUB SYNOWIEC, Ph.D, is a professor of Philosophy at the Pontifical John Paul II University of Krakow, Poland. He specializes in ethics, especially regarding effective altruism and the environment.

RSVP HERE for MOWING WITH A SCYTHE 8:30—9:15AM Pacific (GMT -7) | 5:30-6:15PM CEST Poland

14 OCT


"To become painfully aware”:

The United Nations’ SDGs as a Path for Healing

U.N. Delegate Jean Ponder Soto & U.N. Permanent Representative Robert Dueweke, OSA

Moderated by Sofía Sandoval Larco, SCU '21

Why deliberately choose pain? So we can “dare to turn what is happening to the world into our own personal suffering and thus to discover what each of us can do about it.” (Laudato Si #19) Opening the ears of our heart enables us to hear and bear the deep pain of the world’s human and non-human inhabitants. We explore some ways of freeing ourselves to hear and feel this reality and taking action. In this workshop we present the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as such a way. Since 2015 one hundred and ninety- four nations have signed on to support and follow the SDGs. Many groups world- over use the SDG’s to identify the overarching issues for creating a better world. The SDGs are a blueprint for healing the earth and its people. The concrete targets for each goal show what steps can be taken to realize the goals.

DR. JEAN PONDER SOTO (U.N. Delegate, SCU Faculty) and DR. ROBERT DUEWEKE, OSA, (Permanent Representative at the UN) are international presenters, educators, and members of the Augustinian International United Nations U.S. Delegates Group, members of the tUrn Advisory Council, and anchors for tUrn discussions of the U.N. SDGs, Laudato Si', gender, relationships, friendship, interiority and eco-conversion.



14 OCT

THURSDAY 12:15-1 PM  (PDT)

tUrn short session.   standby for details     RSVP coming soon


14 OCT

Channeling Eco-Anxiety Positively:

Embodied, creative, and mindful practices for the informed (worried) climate-concerned among us

with Nicole Banks and Kristin Kusanovich 

Once you learn what is going on, it can be maddening, or saddening, or deadening. Angry, depressed or numb, most people who could be improving conditions are instead stuck in some phase of climate grief. This workshop explores the stages of eco-grief being mapped by grief and climate scholars, shares some ways of honoring the fullness of our feelings, allows us some time to process, sketch or freewrite from the listened-to self, and teaches some basic breathing techniques that are healthy no matter what's going on.  Enjoy a variety of concrete techniques we can take with us to be more at ease in our obvious unease about what is happening to us and our earthly home. 



14 OCT


Rock Bottom:

A conversation on addiction, recovery and the climate crisis

with Erin, Harriet, Eoin, Sarah, Jim, Eemon & Kristin

The climate crisis continutes to loom large not only because of the things that have been done wrong in the past, but by the inability of people to do what is right in the present. Some of our inability to change can be explained through the neuroscience of behavior, and the particularly human and very common behaviors we focus on in tUrn5 fall under the broad categories of addiction and recovery. These phenomena are understood in a very deep and challenging way by those who have struggled with substance addiction, but, this session explores the ways in which everyone can look at the current situation of the climate crisis and their own role in it through the lense of addiction and recovery steps, principles and experiences. 
In this headliner, all participants will be invited to generate ideas and share experiences that may help us understand the power of the mind and the strength of community in helping us through a process of recovery from a place of "rock bottom." Come to just listen, or come to share your ideas. All are welcome.
Moderated by Erin Louthen with an introduction by Kristin Kusanovich, Director of tUrn
Erin Louthen is the University Archivist & Historical Records Manager at Santa Clara
University, where she is responsible for the management and coordination of activities
in the University Archives, as well as the care and management of archival collections in
the Archives & Special Collections department in the University Library. Dedicated to
preserving history in order to learn from the past and inform the present, Erin is
dedicated to the ways in which A&SC can assist in the preservation, organization and
and making accessible the rich historical collections of SCU’s faculty, staff, students,
and administrative units across campus.

An advocate and ally for addiction recovery, Erin is open about her 7+ years in sobriety
as part of the national movement to destigmatize the shame and silence so often
associated with getting clean and sober. Recognizing that addictive behaviors often
intensify and become ingrained in high school and college, she has thus been involved
in advocacy work for over five years with SCU’s Wellness Center and its commitment to
offering a safe space for students in recovery both on and off campus. Her co-
involvement in tUrn centers on the belief that addiction and the climate crisis are
inextricably linked – and that by healing and recovering ourselves, we have the
opportunity to heal our world and the environment simultaneously.

Erin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Modern Literature from the University of California,
Santa Cruz and an MLIS from San Jose State University.
RSVP HERE for ROCK BOTTOM 4—5:30PM Pacific (GMT -7)

14 OCT


Law Law Law:

Climate justice legislation worth singing about

With Shelby Coyne, Law3 Graduate student, presenting on climate law cases that are making a difference in combatting global warming, calling out environmental injustices, and decelerating ecological collapse.
Moderated by Zsea Bowmani, JD.

ZSEA BOWMANI (Twitter: @LiberationGreen) is a civil rights attorney and legal scholar with a focus on environmental justice, reproductive justice, human rights, race, gender, and the law. Zsea teaches environmental law at Santa Clara University and oversees the Law & Advocacy project of SCU’s Environmental Justice & the Common Good Initiative, which fosters university-community partnerships to achieve social and environmental justice in Northern California and beyond. Zsea also founded and currently coordinates the EJ Committee of the National Lawyers Guild - Bay Area Chapter for lawyers, law students, and legal workers to provide legal support to the local environmental justice movement.

As a scholar-activist, Zsea seeks to understand the relationships between the environment, marginalized peoples, and the law in order to effectively and equitably solve the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. Zsea’s scholarship has been published in the Tulane Journal of Law and Sexuality (forthcoming), Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law, and Seattle Journal for Social Justice.

Zsea earned his BA in History from Stanford University and his JD from Santa Clara Law with certificates in Public International Law with honors, and Public Interest and Social Justice Law.

Sponsored by SCU ENACT Students for Environmental Justice& the Environmental Justice & the Common Good Initiative

RSVP HERE  for LAW LAW LAW  6—7:15 PM Pacific (GMT -7)                      


14 OCT



hosted by Emily Pachoud and Eemon Ghasemiyeh

Attended a Thursday HEADLINER and want to meet & reflect with others? 

Meet at 8 PM Thursday to connect with others, and achieve concrete advocacy tasks together around the day’s themes and action items – be guided in using on-line tools for climate advocacy and hang out with some like-minded climate leaders.

Help drawdown global warming one choice, one advocacy strategy, and one civic engagement move at a time.

RSVP for ANY CLIMATE ACTION POWER HOUR any evening during tUrn week at this link 




tUrn HEADLINERS take a look at climate crisis from various academic, disciplinary and practitioner perspectives and help develop an awareness of the issues and possibilities for drawing down global warming and bringing all species, cultures and the whole human family along as we do it.