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All times are listed in Pacific Time (PT). In compliance with the ADA/504, please direct your accommodation requests for any of these events to


  • 10:30am-11:30am
    Apr 25
    Black-Led Reforestation Efforts | 100K Trees for Humanity & the CA Urban Greenbelt Initiative

    Amos White

    with Amos White, Chief Planting Officer & Founder of 100K Trees for Humanity. Learn how this Black-led, urban reforestation nonprofit is planting the planet, & organizing cities, schools, and communities to plant trees at scale for climate, equity, and health. This project is partially funded by the Multicultural Learning Grants from the Office for Multicultural Learning. 

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    Amos White is Founder and Chief Planting Officer of 100K Trees for Humanity. He created 100K Trees in 2019 as a political and community climate action response to America's withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Since its founding, 100K Trees has planted more than 500 trees and formed partnerships with the Sierra Club, American Forests, Cal Haas School of Business, Peralta Community College District, and others. Amos was appointed to CALFIRE's Urban Forestry Advisory Committee in 2021 and appointed to the Alameda County Agricultural Advisory Committee in 2022 where he serves as Urban Ag Chair. Amos authored and promotes the CA Urban Greenbelt Initiative to plant trees at scale for climate, for equity and for health in 433 CA communities by 2030. He is a resident of Alameda, CA, where it all began. Amos White - Online Bio 
  • 7:15-8:15 PM
    Apr 25
    tUrnout: Student-Led Reflection Session & Climate Action Power Hour

    Photo of a group of smiling students with a night sky in the background

    Take action on tUrn week Thursday evening in a supportive group environment with fellow students who want to make a difference. Snacks, writing prompts, friendship. Led by tUrn student crew members.

    The final tUrnout is Thursday night and takes place in the St. Clare room of the library, 3rd floor.  Take stock of the day, of each other's impressions and reflections, and perform some climate action for the good.