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Department ofArt and Art History

Ryan Carrington

Ryan Carrington


Educational Background

M.F.A., San Jose State University
B.A., University of Wisconsin-Madison


My work addresses the shift in public perspective towards the culturally defined roles of blue and white-collar workers in the United States.  It bridges issues of labor, class, work ethic and economics with my personal and family history.  Within my studio practice I delve deep into processes that parallel the monotony and tedium that laborers endure.  By using construction materials directly off the shelf from Home Depot, pieces of uniforms that represent America’s workforce, and performing acts of labor while dressed as a CEO, I invite a discussion about the ever-changing class struggle in the United States.  My intent is to provide a conduit for empathy between our stratified society by inspiring dialogue across communities of people that represent the corners of our culture, history and socio-economic status.


ARTS 33 Three Dimensional Design
ARTS 64 Basic Sculpture
ARTS 100 Studio Art Seminar
ARTS 164 Intermediate Sculpture
ARTS 196 Capstone Senior Exhibit

Curriculum vitae
Curriculum vitae

August 3, 2019

Ryan Carrington and the students in his “Site Specific Art: Landscapes” course were mentioned in The Daily Journal for working with landscape architect W. Gary Smith to create installations included in the Filoli exhibition.