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Elevating Emptiness

Elevating Emptiness

Clydesdale Presents "Elevating Emptiness" at CAA 2021

Heather Clydesdale (Art and Art History) is presenting “Elevating Emptiness: The Power of Voids in Architecture and Design” at the College Art Association’s annual conference. (In a parallel universe, this is taking place in New York City, but in our pandemic dimension, it is online.) The talk examines how contemporary architects in China and Japan use space and suggests how traditional philosophies and design principles can be reimagined to promote connections between people and environments today. The talk grew out of ideas in Heather’s art history and religious studies class, Fabricating Nature in East Asia. It is part of the panel “Addressing Design for Sustainability,” which will have a live discussion session on February 11.

Additionally, at the College Art Association conference this week, Heather will be inducted into the Service to Historians of Visual Arts and Cultures Committee, which identifies and addresses concerns facing historians of art, architecture, design, material culture, and visual culture.