Department ofArt and Art History


Edward M. Dowd Building: This is our/your new home.

We are finally at home, under one rood, with state of the art classrooms, faculty offices, and studio spaces, and a large gallery for lectures and exhibitions.

With great pleasure, I write to you from the Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building! The spotlight is now shining on our wonderful new studio workspaces, custom designed art history classrooms, and state-of- the-art gallery. My deepest thanks to our alumni, parents, friends and neighbors, who not only made this building possible, but continue to support our visual arts programming and scholarship activities in this new home through our department gift fund.

With our prominent new location in the Arts District on campus, our exhibitions and programs are readily accessible to everyone interested in the visual arts. I hope you will join us for these scheduled activities. Most recently, your generosity made possible the spring 2016 exhibition, Photographic Stories told from The Rwanda Orphanage Project, co-sponsored by College of Arts and Sciences Center for the Arts and Humanities, giving rise to a successful collaborative project, featuring Santa Clara University student poets and actors.

Additionally, this past summer, Ciaran Freeman ’18 attended a six-week workshop in Colorado to study advanced metal sculpting techniques using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) plasma cutter.