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SCU Art Students Make Hay Drawings in the Rain

One rainy day in January 2019, the Site-Specific Sculpture class, taught by Ryan Carrington, made big drawings out of hay with landscape architect and SCU/Filoli artist-in-residence Gary Smith. The rain did not stop them from making their way across campus with a tarp full of hay from the Edward M. Dowd Art and Art History Building to the Graham Residence Quad. Here, they took a hands-on approach to physically representing the eight fundamental patterns of the universe, on which Smith presented a wonderful lecture later that evening. Through his research, he discovered that every pattern that appears naturally in the environment can be described using just eight basic types of arrangements. The lecture, “From Gluons to Galaxies,” was both informative and enlightening, and the students eagerly look forward to participating in the installation of his upcoming exhibit at the Filoli Gardens, “Nest.”

Watch the video

Hay Drawings1


Hay Drawings2

Hay Drawings3

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