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Meet The Team

Meet the Team


Dan Whelan

Dan Whelan is a senior in the Leavey School of Business studying Finance and minoring in Real Estate and Entrepreneurship. Dan is one of this year's Real Estate Association Co-Presidents. He has worked in real estate brokerage and development and hopes to pursue a career in Commercial Development in San Francisco.


Conner Whitton

Conner Whitton is a senior studying Finance and minoring in Real Estate. Conner is one of this year’s Co-Presidents and served as the Vice President last year. Conner will be working in commercial real estate for J.P. Morgan following graduation from SCU.


Vice President

Regina Howson

Regina Howson, originally from the Dominican Republic, is a junior Finance major and Real Estate minor. Her interest in the industry began at a young age when she worked alongside her father, an owner of single and multi-family homes in California and Oregon. Her passion for real estate has grown ever since and she is looking forward to making a career in it. Look out for her weekly newsletters! 

Executive Board Member

AJ DeCristoforo

AJ DeCristoforo is a junior in the College of Arts and Sciences majoring in Economics and minoring in Real Estate. Prior to last year, he was not too familiar with the industry, but has since grown an excitement for real estate, with the Real Estate Association on campus serving as a great pathway.


Executive Board Member

Kenny Berg

Kenny Berg is a junior in the Leavey School of Business studying Management Information Systems and Real Estate. His interest in real estate began in high school when he interned for a property management company in San Diego, and his passion has grown ever since. This is his first year as an executive board member and is excited for what is to come within The Real Estate Association.

Executive Board Member

Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a current junior studying Economics with a minor in Real Estate. Michael has had internships in commercial real estate, residential real estate, real estate development and is currently interning with Cisco as a sales intern. He is looking forward to growing and enhancing his real estate knowledge, as well as expanding his network. He is specifically excited to learn more about commercial brokerage.

Executive Board Member

Darius Johnson

Darius Johnson is a sophomore studying Finance and Data Analytics. This is his first year on the executive board and he has a strong interest in software investing and Real Estate Private Equity. He worked for a tech-enabled real estate startup as a senior in high school and interned as a summer analyst for J.P. Morgan his freshman year. He will be joining Sumeru Equity Partners as a summer analyst in 2021.

Executive Board Member

Lauren Grey

Lauren Grey is a senior in the school of Arts and Sciences. She is majoring in Communications and minoring in Real Estate. Lauren decided to join The Real Estate Association her freshman year and has been on the board for the last two. Since joining, she has learned from many local professionals about the interworking of the field and looks forward to pursuing a career in real estate post-graduation!

Executive Board Member

Aristotle Douglas

Aristotle a Douglas is a current junior majoring in Economics and minoring in Real Estate. Since a young age he has been passionate about real estate and has been able to learn more about the industry as a result of being apart of the Real Estate Association. He is excited to add value to the association and is looking forward to a career in commercial development.

Executive Board Member

Dylan Allen

Dylan Allen is a sophomore studying Finance and Real Estate.  His interest in real estate led him to join the association his freshman year, eventually becoming one of the younger members on the board. Since joining, he has been able to network with professionals and learn more about the industry. In the future, Dylan hopes to pursue a career in real estate development.