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Santa Clara University offers three undergraduate major programs in computer technology: Computer Science (CS), Computer Engineering (CE), and Management and Information Systems (MIS).

While these programs naturally cover some common ground, they differ in their areas of emphasis.


The MIS program specifically emphasizes the application of computing technology in business settings.

Computer Engineering

Computer Engineering places greater emphasis on the technical aspects of hardware and software design.

Computer Science

Computer Science emphasizes the mathematical analysis of algorithms and theoretical foundations.

The skill sets required for CE or CS activities are reflected in their curricula's greater attention to mathematics, natural science, and engineering courses, while the MIS major's curriculum focuses on the use of computers in business applications.

For example:

A CE or CS major may create an operating system or develop a new algorithm, while an MIS major is primarily interested in how the properties impact the deployment of business software applications.

A CE or CS major may design computer systems which can efficiently store and retrieve data, while an MIS major will define what data to store and how it should be organized, and then create a database program that will enable a business user to extract meaningful information.