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Tsay Media Appearances

2009-0426 [中国国际广播电台, China Radio International]: 面对危机–从'硅谷'到'中关村', Andy Tsay 教授为您解读 (Facing the Crisis: From Silicon Valley to ZhongGuanCun, Professor Andy Tsay helps you make sense of it)

Professor Tsay was the subject of a 50-minute Chinese-language radio show called "Visitor's Room," broadcast by China Radio International (CRI, 中国国际广播电台). CRI is the third largest radio network in the world, broadcasting in 43 languages to approximately 100 million listeners globally. It is China's equivalent of "Voice of America."

In this interview he contrasted Silicon Valley and ZhongGuanCun (China's version of Silicon Valley), and commented on high-tech industries in the current economic crisis, trends in outsourcing, the role of the COO, and various other current business trends.

Listen to the broadcast and read the full interview:

 ** The above link provides both an extended transcript and streaming audio if opened with Internet Explorer.  For audio only, paste this link into any browser: