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Specialty Processes:

Process for Removing Images from the Media Library

1) Navigate to the Media Library Location you wish to clean up for example Leavey School of Buisiness >> Graduates

2) Select Display all to view folder contents

3) On the actions dialog box to the right of the selected image click edit

On the page tabs select usage

If the image is being used you will see the results if it isn't being used within the terminal four site it will appear blank

You can also look at history to see when it was added, the revison history and by whom, if use goto actions and hit edit it will take you to the content type that is using the image

To remove the photo go to the categorization tab uncheck the file from the current folder and checkmark the t4 purge

Adding large format files
 (larger than Media file Max: 500000000KB) to the media library (they must be supported by the system (ie gif, jpeg, zip, png, etc).
This process is fairly rare, but it's nice to know.
1) Upload the file into the appropriate media library folder. The Name should be the name of the linked text (for example if you want the link to be here, with here being highlighted as a link the file name should be here, the description should be the unique name of the file being uploaded.
Large format files are set to a 1 x daily nightly update, so if you want the file to be available sooner, you should send in a request to UMC @ via the zendesk request form
2) Update the pageie new media item. 
Also important to know the file wont be available as a url link until it gets published a a link on a terminal four page so the media library can't truly be used as a repository without having a publish link on the terminal four site.
3) Force publish page using site structure option to publish section.
4) Give the details of the request ie file name description and section (page) location
url of media item found in the browser:
description of the file: Tsay
5) Make sure you test your section.
Digital Signs

Industry Weapon Login,Cisco,CCHD,secureLogin

LSB Digital Sign Submission form and templates

Required Event ADA Text must be visible on signage

ADA Text:

If you have a disability and require a reasonable accommodation, please call xxxxxx at 408-xxxxx (voice)

or 1-800-735-2929 (TTY-California Relay) at least 72 hours prior to the event.


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Commonspot Legacy Tools

Commonspot Business School
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Commononspot Dashboard Manager
(requires a commonspot account)

 Commonspot Survey Manager
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Commonspot Events Manager
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Commonspot Cache Clear

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Phonebook Manager
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Phonebook Organizations IDs

Helpful Tools

Removes word formating for cleaner html code

Quick Image Creator use only on mock ups not public sites