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Leavey Ambassadors 2023-24
Antonio Varela
Antonio Valera
Finance Major
Phoenix, Arizona

Areas of Interest at SCU and LSB:   I am a declared Finance major and Business Analytics minor here at SCU. I am very interested in getting involved with more organizations on campus such as the Real Estate Association, Investment Banking Club, and the Venture Capital Club.

What are your SCU and LSB activities/general hobbies:  Outside of being a Leavey Ambassador, I am a first generation student with LEAD, a member of the Latinx Student Business Association, Esports club, and I also take part in intramural basketball and football. In general, I like trying new foods, playing video-games, and cutting hair!

What internship/employment opportunities have you taken advantage of at LSB?  During my freshman year at SCU, I received an email from the LSB Finance department about an internship opportunity. I took advantage of this opportunity, was accepted into a training course that took place over the summer, and began working as an Impact Investment Intern with the Miller Center at SCU the beginning of my sophomore year. 

Favorite LSB Class and Why?  My favorite LSB class was BUSN 70 with Professor Tanya Monsef. It is the introductory course for first years that offers an in depth look at the nature of business practices, as well as a background of the different sectors one can study within business.

What made you choose to attend LSB?   The main reason I chose to attend the Leavey School of Business was because I had read and heard about the amazing teachers and staff that surrounded the student body. It was because of this that I felt I would be able to make deeper connections with teachers and mentors. Another reason I chose to attend LSB was because I believe the curriculum being offered is diverse in the sense that the core classes offer a look into not only the major you select but other majors offered by LSB as well.

What advice you wish you had while applying to college?  Although academics are thought to be the primary focus of going to college, I think it is equally important to find a university that you think will challenge your comfort zone. Take into account other aspects of the school besides how large it may be or where it falls within the rankings. Also, it is completely okay to apply to a university with no idea in mind about what you want to pursue. I changed my major a few times in the span of a couple years and will still graduate with my class. Although it may be frightening to leave home, or be unsure of what you want to study, you want to make sure you are happy attending the school you choose for the next four years.