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Laura Darza: MKTG 175 - A Class I Couldn’t Drop

Taking a class that does not fulfill any requirements is not an inconvenience, but a way to expand my knowledge and explore areas of interest.

This quarter I ended up taking four different classes to fulfill my Management Information Systems major and Retail Studies minor. I’ve been on a pretty tight schedule to make sure that I’ll be able to fulfill a lot of my core classes and major requirements to graduate a quarter early during my senior year. That being said, week 5 I realized I had made a mistake and ended up in a class that didn’t fulfill any of my major or minor requirements. As the deadline to drop a class approached, I kept thinking about how if I dropped this class I’d have more time on my hands to get involved in other hobbies and interests, but at the same time I’d have to drop a class that has been one of the most informative and exciting classes of my college career. 

Professor Williams has taken an amazing approach in making sure that we are all applying what we learn in the classroom to real-life examples. Each week, we are tasked to listen to various podcasts, read news articles relevant to the current times, work on case studies, and engage in one of my favorite tasks - an internet marketing simulation where we have to make our own advertisements, ad campaigns, email marketing campaigns in a simulated environment to see who has been able to get the most impressions, largest reach, most revenue, and more. After each simulation, we get to evaluate what actions led to the best results and what we learn in class helps us analyze the results and what we can do to improve in the next simulation. 

Being interested in the data side of marketing, I’m extremely grateful that I’ve been able to delve into internet marketing and gain a better understanding of the way in which it works. Accidentally taking this class has been an amazing experience, and it only encourages me to take classes that not only fulfill my major and minor requirements but classes that I am simply interested in.


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