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Senior Leadership Alumni Spotlight

Nicole Fite reflect on her experience with SLA.


SLA Alumni Spotlight

A key component of SLA is the invaluable support and guidance that students receive from alumni. Recent alumni, Nicole Fite ‘18, shares her experience from participating in SLA.   

How has your participation in SLA helped you in your professional life?

NF: SLA helped me conquer any fears about transitioning into the professional world. Through the workshops, reflections, and advice from mentors, the program allowed me to discover my interests and what I want in a career. I learned what to expect for my work life and to plan realistic steps for what I want to achieve. Even now, I don’t have everything figured out career-wise, but I know how to better evaluate my options and create the outcomes that best meet my overall vision. I’m grateful for SLA and for being well equipped for my career.

What advice can you offer to ease the transition from college to becoming a working professional?

NF: Be patient with yourself and take time to really think about what YOU want. It’s so easy to say, (I could be better at my own advice) but it’s important! It’s really easy to fall into the same tracks that others are doing or to make a decision based on what others say you “should do”. It’s easy to compare and to feel upset trying to convince yourself of a idea that’s wrong for you. Take the time to listen to yourself, and to grow in figuring out what you want or need. Happiness comes first and success follows.

What is your favorite memory from SCU or SLA?
NF: The SLA retreat was a gift. As a senior, it’s easy to feel like you’re running without any breaks, and like a lot of change is happening. Taking time away from campus to breathe, to reflect, and to work with SLA peers, was such a great experience and opportunity to grow. It helped me figure out what my priorities were for the rest of the year and for post-grad life. Although maintaining those priorities wasn’t always easy, the experiences and memories from the SLA retreat sent me on a path that I am proud of.