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Make Sure BUSN 50 Is on Your Radar!

Overview of BUSN 50 course.

Looking for ways to strengthen your professional presence? Look no further The Professional Development Skills and Strategies Seminar (BUSN 50) is exactly what you need! Once a week, Meghan Cress ‘04 prepares students in BUSN 50 for success in the career search process by helping them build their professional skills. 

BUSN 50 (“Professional Skills Seminar” on CourseAvail) is a one unit foundational professional development course geared toward sophomores. It emphasizes intentionality in career exploration and highlights resources students can use to help strengthen their professional development and profile.  

Overall, helping students gain confidence in navigating the world of business is a top priority in this course. To name a few, some skills and resources covered in BUSN 50 are: 

  • In-person and online networking
  • Personal branding and storytelling
  • LinkedIn and Resumes
  • Interviewing tips   

Most importantly, Meghan stresses the importance of meeting her students where they are and focuses on blending their unique skills and interests into their professional future. To learn a little more about Meghan, check out her bio below: 

Meghan (SCU '04, BA English) landed in the business world after grad school, focusing on human capital and professional development at both large companies and small startups.  Over a decade later, Meghan returned to SCU to help students strategize their own professional development journeys and see themselves through the lens of potential employers. Her main goal is to help each student genuinely but professionally articulate their own unique story and growing skillset. 

A great day at work for Meghan is hearing from one of her students that they were able to connect with an SCU alum for an informational interview, or that they received a formal interview or internship offer.  A fantastic day is meeting a new student who reached out because they decided to take that often-intimidating leap into career exploration and they don't know where to start. 

In addition to teaching Business 50, Meghan works as a Career Development Specialist in the Career Center and also advises the Leavey's undergrad Peer Career Consultants. 

Meghan remains a proud and grateful Bronco; some of her best friends today are former SCU classmates.  She lives in Menlo Park with her husband and two young sons.”   

If you have questions about the BUSN 50 seminar, contact Brenda Versteeg at