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Campus Safety Services (CSS) Advisory Board 


The Campus Safety Services (CSS) Advisory Board is a structured and collaborative method for SCU and CSS to engage in the process of continuous improvement of the policies, programs, and services of CSS. The Advisory Board will draw on the skills and knowledge of campus colleagues who have practical experience and/or expertise to advance our work with CSS. The primary purpose of the CSS Advisory Board is to review and provide recommendations related to SCU Campus Safety Services.


The CSS Advisory Board will:

  • Provide information, advice and support to the Director of Campus Safety and the Vice Provost for Student Life;
  • Review and offer guidance on implementation of CSS Audit Recommendations;
  • React to ideas presented and make suggestions and recommendations for programmatic changes;
  • Promote and create awareness about Campus Safety, its people policies and programs;
  • Interface with collaborative governance committees, advancing policies recommendations as appropriate; and
  • Provide regularly-scheduled reports of reviews, recommendations and outcomes to be available on the CSS website.

Desired Outcomes:

  • Enhance CSS’s reputation and credibility by offering an open and transparent structure to respond to issues in a timely manner;
  • Increase SCU community’s confidence in how CSS Audit recommendations are being implemented;
  • CSS will gain new insights from a variety of campus constituents;
  • Provide CSS leadership and the Vice Provost for Student Life an opportunity to access expertise or advice and gather feedback about a new program or initiative; and
  • Encourage robust discussions about timely issues impacting the SCU community.


  • Members of the SCU community who have a wide range of expertise and innovative thinking to support the ongoing work of CSS at SCU.
  • Members should have enough time to fully participate in the advisory board through advance preparation for meetings and ability to provide timely feedback on proposals that come before the Board.

2022-23 Composition:

  • Shá Duncan Smith, Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Co-chair
  • Alison Benders, Vice President for Mission and Ministry, Co-Chair 
  • Michael Brady, Campus Safety Services Representative; Staff Representative
  • Anthony Hazard, Faculty Representative
  • W. David Ball, Faculty Representative
  • Ricardo Padilla, Staff Representative
  • Theodore Vuong, Graduate Student Representative
  • Hydeia Wysinger, Undergraduate Student Representative