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Heinlenville Flags

Heinlenville Flags

Hidden Histories of San Jose Japantown

Hidden Histories is a live experience that connects you to the underlying beauty and historic riches of this remarkable neighborhood through Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

Takeshi Moro participated in an exhibition in Japantown San Jose. This exhibition was hosted by Hidden Histories of San Jose Japantown and the Japanese American Museum of San Jose. Takeshi was one of nine artists who were commissioned to create an augmented reality artwork to highlight a historic event in San Jose Japantown. Takeshi's work focuses on Heinlenville, a former Chinatown that preceded the current Japantown. Heinlenville became an important space for Chinese immigrants, as the prior China town in San Jose was burned down by hate crimes.

The COVID-Relief Student Assistant Program (CSAP) funded the student assistance that enabled Moro to create 3D animations for the augmented reality experience.

The June 19 opening celebration at the ArtObject Gallery in San Jose was open to the public, free, outdoor, and family-friendly.