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2022 Art History Symposium

2022 Art History Symposium

Talented Art History Symposium Presentations

The 16th Annual Art History Student Research Symposium prize competition for best research paper and best research presentation was a great success thanks to the overall quality of student submissions and the winning entries’ engaging scholarship.

2022 Art History Symposium

We want to thank all entrants for sharing their hard work with the faculty committee that reviewed their efforts. Thank you and congratulations, and an additional warm (virtual) applause for the prize winners noted below:

Best Art History Research Paper:
Ashe Martinez ('23, Studio Art) "The Warmth of the Word: Fruitful Interplays between Figure and Light in the Religious Symbolism of Hildegard von Bingen”

Best Art History Culture & Ideas (first year) Paper:
Leo Illing (’25, Physics) “The Art of Zhao Mengfu: Scholars of the Yuan Dynasty”

Best Art History Presentation:
Kelsey Elinski (’22, Art History and Psychology) "Challenging Colonial Mentality: Filipino Public Art in San Francisco”

Congratulations to our Art History Symposium Recipients!