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Asian Studies

The Asian Studies Minor (ASM) offers an interdisciplinary introduction to the cultures and languages of Asia. As a complement to one’s major or as a basis for later study and travel, the minor provides both general background and real-world experience. The minor has three main requirements: six culture courses, an introductory-level Asian language sequence, and a field project which can be completed in a local Asian community or while studying abroad. Culture courses include any anthropology, art history, history, political science or religion class that focuses on East, South, or Southeast Asia. You should plan on taking two lower-division and four upper-division culture classes. Language course sequences are available in Japanese and Chinese, although study of other Asian languages or native proficiency is accepted with the director’s approval.

The field project requires a minimum of 15 hours working or volunteering in an Asia-related setting. Students have satisfied this requirement in a number of ways, ranging from an Arrupe placement with a senior citizen center in San José’s Japantown to an internship at the China desk of the Washington State Trade Office. The field project also may be taken for academic units with completion of an independent study project. For more details on field project options or any aspect of the minor, please contact the program director.

Program Director:
Professor Greg Corning
Political Science Department, College of Arts & Sciences