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Catholic Studies

Catholic Studies


Fr. Scholla

The Catholic Studies program at SCU allows you to explore Catholicism as a faith tradition, as a set of world cultures and as an imaginative approach to the basic questions of 'God and the World'. Combining courses from a variety of academic disciplines, this academic minor allows you to integrate your core courses and create marvelous connections between areas of inquiry as diverse as Religious Studies, Political Science, Art History, and Modern Languages.

Catholic Studies students pursue such issues as the influence of Catholicism upon the development of philosophy and the arts; the relationship between Catholicism and the history of world civilizations; the intellectual and ethical issues raised by the interactions between theology, science, and the modern culture; Catholic social thought and practice; and the theological foundations of Catholicism.

Catholic Studies is an ideal minor for students who seek to round out and deepen their humanities education in preparation for careers in all fields. It is also an ideal minor for Catholic students who wish to grow intellectually in their faith tradition as well as for non-Catholics interested in Catholicism and its relationship to Western Culture.

To declare this minor, fill out the SCU Registrar's Program Petition form.


Rob Scholla, S.J., Director

Kenna Hall, 3rd Floor, Room 301

Phone: 408-554-4547