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Department ofCommunication

Hsin-I Cheng

Hsin-I Cheng
Hsin-I Cheng
Associate Professor

B.A. in Sociology, Fu-Jen Catholic University, Taipei, Taiwan, 1998

M.A. in Communication, University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee, 2001

Ph.D. in Communication, Bowling Green State University, 2006  

Hsin-I Cheng teaches intercultural and interpersonal communication courses with topics on relationships building in both U.S. and global contexts. Her research interests cross boundaries of communication, immigration, and globalization from critical and qualitative perspectives.

Hsin-I Cheng studies human communication through historical and sociopolitical lenses with methods such as fieldwork, interviewing, and textual analyses. Her research and teaching interests focus on how multiple identities intersect and influence human interaction and relationships. She anchors students’ inquiries in complicated ways cultural values affect communication. Students demonstrate their knowledge in various avenues such as webpages. Her book Culturing Interface investigates the experiences of a Chinese and Taiwanese community on the U.S.-Mexico border from a critical communication perspective. Some of her work appears in Journal of International and Intercultural Communication, Language and Intercultural Communication, and Women & Language. Her current research continues to bridge boundaries of communication, immigration, and globalization.


Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (COMM 1)
Qualitative Research Methods (COMM 111)
Intercultural Communication (COMM 107A)
Global Interpersonal Communication (COMM 186B)
Senior Thesis (COMM 197)