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Katharine Heintz

Katharine Heintz
Katharine E. Heintz
Senior Lecturer

B.A. in Liberal Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara (1983)

M.S. in Mass Communication, Boston University (1985)

Ph.D. in Mass Communication Research, University of Illinois (1992)

Katharine E. Heintz is a media analyst, researcher, and educator specializing in the impact of electronic media on children and families. Her work has been featured in over a hundred newspapers nationwide, including the New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, the Chicago Tribune, and U.S.A. Today as well as national magazines such as Parents Magazine, Parenting, and TV Guide. She has appeared on local television and radio programs as well as the National Public Radio programs “On the Media” and “Media Matters.”  In addition, she has been invited to present evidence before the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the California Family Impact Seminar and the White House Conference on Teens.  Her current work investigates the role of food marketing in the childhood obesity epidemic.

Introduction to Media Studies (COMM 2), Communication and Technology (COMM 12), Quantitative Research Methods in Communication (COMM 110), Media and Youth (COMM 123a), Media and Advocacy (COMM 122a), Senior Thesis (COMM 197)

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