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Department ofCommunication


B.A. Psychology, California State University-Fresno, summa cum laude
J.D. Law, University of Denver, College of Law, Order of St. Ives
M.A. Communication, University of California-Santa Barbara
Ph.D. Communication, University of California-Santa Barbara
As a lawyer, SunWolf was a faculty member of the University of Denver School of Law and Training Director for Colorado’s Public Defender Office. She lectures in trial advocacy programs in more than 30 states and published 5 books for lawyers, including Practical Jury Dynamics2: From One Juror's Trial Perceptions to the Group's Decision-Making Processes and (in 2013) God-Thinking: Every Juror's Moral Brain, Religious Beliefs, and the Effects on a Trial Verdict. Her research on childhood social rejection has won numerous awards and she is the author of Peer Groups. A professional storyteller, SunWolf also studies ghostlore and fairytales. On Twitter as @TheSocialBrain she is followed by more than 15,000 people interested in human behavior (named by the Huffington Post one of the nation’s top 30 who tweet about neuroscience).

Introduction to Interpersonal Communication (COMM 1), Science of Happiness (COMM 100), Persuasion (COMM 102), Group Communication (COMM 104), Multicultural Folktales and Oral Storytelling (COMM 105), Friendships and Romances (COMM 109), Senior Thesis