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Victoria Adetuyi '15

Victoria Adetuyi '15

Alumni news: Victoria Adetuyi '15

Sustainability efforts at Unilever
Stephanie Hughes's ENVS 198 Proseminar course had a virtual visit by alum Victoria Adetuyi '15 in October. Victoria took time from her busy schedule to videoconference with current ESS seniors and talk about her career path.
Victoria worked at the Tory Burch Foundation and then S&C North America. Concurrently she completed a master's in sustainability management at Columbia University in New York City, with a focus in corporate responsibility. Case studies during her coursework pointed out the highs and lows of corporate sustainability programs--the ones that are really working and the ones that are just greenwashing. She took a job at one of the top performers, Unilever. 
Unilever is a huge transnational corporation that sells food and beverages, cleaning products, and personal care items. Victoria now works in procurement, as part of the North America Procurement Strategic Programs team. In her role she is focused on evaluating opportunities to optimize procurement operations, benchmarking & tracking financial opportunities that impact the flow of materials, and reducing inefficiencies for food, refreshments, and personal care categories. A pillar she is involved with at Unilever is on Sustainable Packaging - leading efforts to evaluate tools to benchmark Unilever's performance towards reaching 100% recyclable plastic by 2025
Congratulations to Victoria on her work--and also thanks for reaching back to Santa Clara to share career insights with our current students!