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Alumni Updates

David Beezer (‘14) has been working for the advocacy group Transform in Oakland and will go to graduate school at U Washington. Will Burke (‘13) is about to finish his M.S. at the University of Indiana with former ESS postdoc, now assistant professor Darren Ficklin. He will continue with a Ph.D. at UC Santa Barbara with top Eco-Hydrologist Christina Tague. Carlos Carrillo (‘14) is working as an analyst at the Metropolitan Water District in Los Angeles. Morgan Cowick (‘15) conducted community research work in Nicaragua last summer and dropped by for a guest lecture in capstone last quarter to tell us about her new job in urban planning. Liza Dadiomov (‘10) completed a M.Ed. in field-based environmental education at Western Washington University, and is now education and outreach manager for The Watershed Project. Kelly Ferron (‘10) has been Waste Zero Specialist at Recology in Seattle, and will be pursuing a graduate degree at UC Santa Barbara. Jennifer Laws (‘15) is in graduate school at UC Santa Barbara and won another ESRI GIS Services internship where she will be assisting on consulting projects for environmental clients such as the USDA, EPA, TNC, and more. Russell McIntosh (‘12) recently returned to the Bay Area from the East Coast where he worked on hurricane risk analysis using GIS. Rica Santos (‘13) is wrapping up her work in DC with Pew Trusts and was accepted with scholarships to several law schools.