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Earth Week 2017

In Environmental Studies & Sciences, we look forward to Earth Week festivities every year. It’s a time to celebrate all that the Earth has to offer us and promote sustainability throughout campus. This year was no different, and we had a host of activities planned to make Earth Week an enjoyable and educational experience for all Santa Clara students.

Beginning Monday morning, The Green Club created a tabling display in Benson in order to reach out to the greater SCU community and spread awareness about environmental issues. On Tuesday we co-hosted Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren (Political Science, ‘75) who addressed immigration policy changes and their impact here in the Bay Area. That night there was a screening of “Seeds of Time,” a documentary about food security and climate change, which students enjoyed along with snacks and great company. Wednesday we listened to Dr. Brad Weiss present his research on sustainably farmed bacon followed by a cooking demonstration in the Forge Garden led by garden manager Katharine Rondthaler. On Thursday, Professor Virginia Matzek led a writing seminar titled “Pro’s and Prose” centered on environmental activism through community engagement. Earth week celebrations culminated on Friday with the vendor fair in front of the library in the morning, a talk about California Forests by Dan Tomascheski at noon, and a Forge garden party celebration in the evening.

We’re thankful to all the students, staff and faculty members who made Earth Week possible!