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ESS welcomes new assistant professor C.J. Gabbe

The Department of ESS is very pleased to welcome C.J. Gabbe as  its newest addition to the faculty. After completing a B.S. in Planning, Public Policy, and Management from the University of Oregon, and  a M.S. in Urban Planning from the University of Washington, C.J. received his Ph.D. at the University of California Los Angeles in 2016. His research work considers the impact and workings of land use regulations in the context of sustainable urban planning, and C.J has been the author of peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, book chapters, and policy reports in the field.  During his Ph.D. work he was awarded several dissertation fellowships and he has professional experience as project manager and consultant. At ESS, he will be teaching several courses in Urban Planning, Environmental Studies, and GIS, such as ENVS 22, 122, 116, and 128.

Most recently, C.J. co-authored a paper in the journal Housing Policy Debate analyzing the relationship between municipal parking regulations and housing affordability. Nearly all American cities require developers to build at least one parking space associated with each housing unit. However, these parking requirements come with high costs. Dr. Gabbe and his colleagues find the average cost of garage parking for American renters to be about $1,700 per year. Additionally, the lack of rental housing without bundled parking imposes a steep cost on carless renters—commonly the lowest income households. These 708,000 carless renters collectively spend $440 million annually on parking that they may not need or want. This work has been receiving national attention, such as in Streetsblog, where you can find a nice synopsis of his research.

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